turquoise daisy table

Have a room that is fully furnished and done—totally done?

Betcha can find a spot to squeeze in one little table.

Afraid to go bold because you think too much color will overpower the room?

It’s just a LITTLE splash of color. No need to go overboard. 

Don’t want to spend a lot of money or make a long-term commitment in case you change styles down the road?

Little tables don’t cost very much at all compared to big-ticket items like dining tables and bedroom sets. You don’t have to live with them forever either. Swap it out for a new one later—guilt-free!

* * *

RMP yellow rose table
Table #2 painted with Real Milk Paint Company’s “Yellow Rose”

Little tables are perfect! They are small enough to fit in any room, versatile enough to perform many functions and inexpensive enough to take a risk on something a little brighter or a little different than the rest of your decor.

And if you are packing up a college-kid to go back to school this fall, a little table is perfect for a dorm room or apartment to personalize their space and add a landing spot for books, backpacks, laptops, etc.

10 Painted Tables We Love

10 painted tables we love

* * *

Let’s start with a table that is NEW THIS WEEK! Cathy just put the finishing touches on it—a little bling-bling at the bottom.

RMP bling bling table
Table #3 painted with Real Milk Paint Co. “Spearmint”

This table was painted with Real Milk Paint Company‘s lovely blue-green color called Spearmint and lightly distressed around the edges. It had ho-hum wooden buttons at the bottom to cover up the holes where the screws are located. One was missing. Cathy added sparkly buttons instead for a little pizazz.

DIY STYLE TIP: Replace boring buttons with something snazzier. Decorative buttons or vintage earrings are a good pick. Use heavy-duty craft glue like E-6000 to make them stick.

Here’s a close-up of the bling:

RMP bling bling table_closeup

* * *

We decoupaged paper napkins to create the floral tabletop on this one. Here’s a link to our tutorial on this project.

table with floral napkin decoupage

Here’s another link to a tutorial for layering colors and wet distressing with a damp sponge to reveal them like we did on this claw-foot table.

moms claw foot table
Table #5

The same “wet distressing” technique was used on this two-tiered table—only we went a little further and distressed all the way to the wood on some spots.

APC blue jeans and surfboard table
Table #6

APC blue jeans and surfboard table_closeup

This table features our newest product called Unicorn Spit. (Isn’t that a fun name?) It’s a non-toxic, water-based, vibrantly colored gel stain. You can blend the colors together to create some wonderfully unique looks. Here’s a link to more of our Unicorn Spit projects.

Courtney spit table_final
Table #7 featuring Unicorn Spit rainbow gel stain

We’re up to #8 already! And this one is cool. The table is painted with Real Milk Paint Company’s Aqua and Soft White. Check out those legs—they fold up for storage (or for easy transporting back to school!)

RMP aqua table w folding legs
Table #8 with folding legs painted with Real Milk Paint Co. “Aqua” and “Soft White”

RMP aqua table w folding legs_closeup

Here’s a one-of-a-kind table. We know—because we made it! Dave constructed this from an up cycled window frame and pallet wood. He wrapped jute rope around the legs for a nautical look. Here’s the link to our tutorial.

handmade nautical table
Table #9

And finally—drumroll please!—here’s another one-of-a-kind table to round out this week’s Top 10 List. This one Dave constructed from a mosaic mirror and painted to match.

blue mosaic mirror table
Table #10 mosaic mirror table

* * *

Have a little table that YOU love, but it’s gotten a little beat-up over the years or a little outdated? We can help! We are accepting custom paint work on a limited basis and would be happy to work with you to create a new look for your table that you will love.


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