A Vintage Buffet Well Worth the Wait

I’ve wanted a vintage buffet for my dining room for two years, but I’m like Goldilocks. Every buffet I found was either too big or too small, too modern or too plain. It took me two years to find one that was just right!

“I think this is it, but I’m not sure,” I said to Dave when we found this one.

“That’s close enough!” he said. “Let’s get it.”


* * *

We knew the buffet needed a lot of work. For starters, it had previously been painted white, but the paint job was very sloppy. It needed some structural repairs too, including rebuilding one of the drawers and reinforcing the back, which had sustained some damage over the years. We looked past its flaws and brought the buffet home knowing we could make it beautiful again.

The buffet fit the space in our dining room perfectly! I love its pretty legs and the scrollwork—and it has plenty of storage for my table linens and holiday dishes. It just needed a little TLC and an American Paint Company makeover.

Dave went to work on the repairs. I painted the bottom of the buffet, including inside the cabinets, with American Paint Company’s Lincoln’s Hat, a true black. I painted the top with First Lady, a pink so soft and dainty, it almost looks white. I sealed the entire piece with several coats of American Paint Company Top Coat, lightly sanding between each coat to give it an even finish and shine.

Top Coat is one of my favorite American Paint Company products because it is so easy to apply and it protects the piece with a durable finish that will stand up to most everyday wear and tear.

The buffet looked much better at this point, but I wasn’t done yet!


* * *

I knew the buffet would look spectacular with the help of a few more American Paint Company all-natural products and some Rub ‘n Buff gold metallic finish.

I mixed American Paint Company black mica with clear wax and applied it all over the Lincoln’s Hat section of the buffet. The black-on-black finish is subtle, but beautiful. It gives the piece just a little more depth and dimension, taking it from “ooh” to “ooh-la-la!!”

I applied a little bit of gold Rub ‘n Buff to the scrollwork on the doors and the handles to make them pop. I additionally mixed American Paint Company gold mica with clear wax to top off the handles with even more sparkle.


* * *

On the pink First Lady section, I applied American Paint Company’s American Grit to the pink scrollwork and around the edges to give the piece a hint of age. I also applied more gold Rub ‘n Buff along with the gold mica/clear wax mix for pizazz.


* * *

Here’s the finished piece. It’s even better than “just right”—it is exactly what I was looking for.


This buffet was well worth the two-year wait. I absolutely love it!

~ Cathy

4 responses to “A Vintage Buffet Well Worth the Wait

  1. Cathy, your Vintage Buffet is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! You did a GREAT job, with lots of “TLC!” I am looking forward to stopping by and seeing you all some day soon. With Love, Joan Kemper

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