Lazy Susan Table

We are pretty good at repairing broken old furniture around here, but sometimes there is no quick fix. That’s when it’s time to improvise!

At first glance, this table seemed like an easy makeover. I planned to refresh the legs with a new coat of black and paint the tabletop red.

(I love red and black together.)

lazy susan table_beforeHowever, I encountered a problem with the tabletop that no paint in the world could cover up. The screws attaching the legs were poking through—not enough to make a hole that we could fill—but enough that the tabletop wasn’t entirely smooth. You couldn’t really see the little bumps, but if you set a coffee cup down on one, it would wobble.

How do you fix that?

I decided to cover it up instead by attaching a Lazy Susan turntable directly onto the tabletop. A Lazy Susan is an easy project to make. You just need to cut out a circle from a piece of wood and mount it with hardware you can buy in a kit for about $5. Check your local hardware store for Lazy Susan kits. We found ours at Home Depot.

Dave cut the circle for me, but when we attached it to the table, it looked too small. So he cut a larger circle, which we attached right on top of the first one. I actually like having the double circles on top of the table. It gives the Lazy Susan more “lift” and allows it to rotate more smoothly.

I painted the turntable red like the tabletop. Then I marked off two lines with tape to create a pattern when I painted over the entire surface with the black. I wanted the pattern to be a little bit funky so I played around with the tape until I got the diamond just right.

Here it is!

Lazy Susan Table_final1

This little Lazy Susan table would make a perfect arts and crafts table with plenty of workspace and the perfect spot to store your supplies … or take a break and use it to serve coffee.

Lazy Susan Table_coffee2

Either way, it is functional and pretty—the perfect combination!

~ Cathy

* * *

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One response to “Lazy Susan Table

  1. I love the red and black together, hopefully soon I will be able to get my free paint class, this weather and all keeps me crazy.haha Hi to all xo

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