A Nautical Look for a Handmade Table

I enjoy challenging myself to create new pieces of furniture using up cycled materials—items other people might just throw away. Pallet wood is a popular look right now and is one of my favorite materials to work with.

stack of pallets

I used pallet wood all over our shop All Things New Again as baseboard molding and trim around doors and windows. I constructed flower boxes out of it. And I even used it as a wall covering in the shop, laying it out in a basket weave pattern.

I especially like to use pallet wood for tabletops like I did on this table I built last week.

window table_logoThe frame of the table used to be the casement around an old window. I removed the window for another project, but did not want to throw the casement away. I thought it was the perfect size for an end table.

window table_under construction_logoI started this project by removing the wood slats from the pallets and cutting to fit the space. I collect pallets all year round and let them sit out back behind the shop until the wood is nice and weathered.

pallet wood_logoOnce the pallet wood was mounted to the window frame, I needed legs to make it into a table. I just happened to have some handy. (Table legs are something else I never throw away. You never know when you can make something out of them!)

Since the pallet wood weathered so beautifully, I decided leave it in its natural state and give this table a nautical look. I wrapped the table legs with jute rope and glued it in place. The glue dries clear.

jute_glue drying_logoThen I painted the frame with American Paint Company‘s dark blue color called Born on the 4th. I wanted the blue to be even darker to contrast against the pallet wood so I also applied APC’s Black Glaze over it.

Here’s the finished table.

window table_wideshot_logo

window table_closeup_logoThe parts to this table all could have ended up in a landfill somewhere. Instead, they look like they have always been together and will make a stylish and functional table for somebody.

~ Dave

* * *

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