How To Age Painted Furniture with American Grit from American Paint Company

Wrinkle cream. Hair dye. Undies that squeeze you tighter than a boa constrictor. (Never again!)

Um yeah…I have a little bit of experience trying to reverse the aging process on me.

I’m not sure how well that’s working, but I can tell you how easy-peasy it is to SPEED UP the aging process on the right piece of furniture using a product from American Paint Company called American Grit.


Photo courtesy of American Paint Company

We spend a lot of time here at All Things New Again trying to make old furniture look, well, new again. American Grit does just the opposite!

After painting and waxing a piece of furniture, you can dust on some American Grit to give the piece a wonderful aged look.

How To Age Painted Furniture with American Grit from American Paint Company


Basically, you just brush on a little bit more wax over your piece in the places where you will apply the grit. (Don’t let the wax dry completely or the grit won’t stick to it.) Then you apply the grit with a clean brush, really working it into any carving on the furniture.

Here’s our latest DIY Video showing you exactly how to do it.

And here are photos of the finished table from the video. Boy, do I love those claw feet!

white claw foot table

APC American Grit_pedestal

APC American Grit_closeup

APC American Grit_claw foot


  • I find that American Grit works best on pieces that have elaborate detail work and carving. The dust seeps into those cracks and crevices and adds subtle dimension to your piece
  • I also find that it works better on lighter colors. In my experience, you lose the effect on darker colors.
  • Use the American Grit sparingly. It is better to start with a light dusting and then build layers of grit.
  • If you apply American Grit too heavy, it can look streaky and end up just making your piece look dirty. If this happens, wipe it off before the wax dries. You may need to apply a little more wax to “loosen” the grit and then wipe off.

American Grit isn’t for every piece of furniture, but when you find the right one, it can give you stunning results.

This is the finial on top of an awesome two-tiered table my mom painted.

American Grit_finial

It also works great on metal, especially on picture frames with fancy curly-cues or elaborate mirrors like this one.

American Grit_mirror

American Grit is a quick and easy way to add more depth and interest to metal hardware like the drawer pulls on this vintage French Provincial dresser.

American Grit_dresser hardwareAnd of course, every claw foot I come across gets a healthy dusting of American Grit!

It’s a great product to have in your painter’s bag of tricks.

~ Courtney

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  1. I still am looking forward to my free paint class, but one of my sisters passed away May 29th. I am turning in circles !! I will try to stop by one day and chat, you all help me just talking. Hi to everybody xoxo

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