STEP-BY-STEP DIY TUTORIAL: How To Create an Aura Blast Design with Unicorn Spit Rainbow Gel Stain

Unicorn Spit Ikea Table HackRemember my Unicorn Spit Ikea Table Hack from last week?

We painted my sister’s kitchen table and then created an awesome Aura Blast design with Unicorn Spit, the non-toxic rainbow gel stain and glaze we sell at our shop All Things New Again in Leesburg, Virginia and right here in our online store.

I realized too late that I didn’t capture good photos of the entire process on my sister’s table.

I think the  photos really help show just how simple it is to create a one-of-a-kind artistic design—even if you don’t consider yourself an artist!

I have a new project this week to demonstrate the same Aura Blast technique—with step-by-step photos this time.

DIY Tutorial_How to Create an Aura Blast Design with Unicorn Spit

I found this little bookcase last week. The shelves are missing, but I liked it.

Aura Blast Bookcase_before shotI started by painting the fake wood with with my new go-to color: The Gulf from Dixie Belle Paint. This is the new line of chalk/mineral paint we are carrying at our shop, All Things New Again in Leesburg, VA—and I LOVE it! The coverage is wonderful, the colors are beautiful and it sticks to just about everything with very little prep work. HEALTHY BONUS: Dixie Belle has ZERO VOC’s so I can paint right here in my kitchen like I always do.

Aura Blast bookcase_the gulf colorOnce the paint dried, I was ready to start the Aura Blast design. The Unicorn Spit YouTube Channel has awesome video tutorials showing you exactly how to create a variety of looks with this wonderful product. This is how I create Michelle’s trademarked Aura Blast design.


  • Unicorn Spit (3-4 colors are best)
  • Syringe
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Paper towels/baby wipes (This is messy!)
  • Oil-based polyurethane and foam applicator

STEP 1: Start by choosing your color pallet. I think you need at least 3 or 4 colors for best results. You can always come back in and add even more colors later. (I usually do!) For this blast, I started with: White Ning, Purple Hills Majesty, Pixie Punk Pink and Blue Thunder. I added some Zia Teal on top of everything later.

How To Create An Aura Blast with Unicorn Spit_Step 1STEP 2: Load your first color into the syringe. I got my syringe at the pharmacy. (Look near the baby medicine.) Start drawing concentric circles onto your surface. Repeat with your other colors until your surface looks like a bulls-eye.

How to Create an Aura Blast Design with Unicorn Spit_Step 2SPIT TIP: Your circles won’t be perfect. That’s OK. This isn’t an engineering project. This is ART! It will look good in the end. Keep going. (Also, I use the same syringe for all colors. Just squirt what you don’t use back into the jar and move on to the next color.)

Now here comes the messy/fun part!

STEP 3: Lightly spray some water onto your hand so it glides across the surface smoothly.

STEP 4: Plop the side of your hand down right there in the center of your bulls-eye and drag your hand down in a straight line across all of the other colors along the way. This will blend the colors together as you go.

How to Create an Aura Blast Design with Unicorn Spit_Step 4A

How to Create an Aura Blast Design with Unicorn Spit_Step 4B

How to Create an Aura Blast Design with Unicorn Spit_Step 4C

How to Create an Aura Blast Design with Unicorn Spit_Step 5A

STEP 5: Repeat Step 4 starting at the center and fanning out like spokes on a bicycle wheel. Wipe off your hand and spray it with more water as needed.

Here’s what my Aura Blast looked like at this point. I’m not done yet!

How to Create an Aura Blast Design with Unicorn Spit_Step 5BYou may notice lines on your design leftover from STEP 1. I find the lines are more prominent with the darker colors because they stain the wood more quickly. You can leave the lines and incorporate them into your design if you like how they look.

How to Create an Aura Blast Design with Unicorn Spit_blending lines2I like to use the lines as a little road map to show me where to start applying my next layer of Unicorn Spit.

Just apply a little bit more Unicorn Spit with the syringe next to the line and fan out and over it. You don’t have to go all the way to the edge. Just apply more colors here and there and blend them over the line with your fingers.

This step adds another dimension to your design and blends everything together better.

STEP 6: Now you just play around with it. Blending some more here. Adding some more colors there. This is the part where there are no instructions.

This is the part where you create art.

SPIT TIP: If your colors start to blend too much and look muddled, STOP. Let the Unicorn Spit dry and then come back and finish. It is tempting to keep going, but you don’t want to mess up your great look. You can always apply more Unicorn Spit on top of your previous design. This actually looks really cool in the end and is what gives your designs a more three-dimensional look after you seal it.

STEP 7: When you are happy with the design you created, let it dry completely. Then seal your work with an OIL-BASED sealer. I like Minwax Polyurethane. Three to four thin coats of poly are recommended, letting each coat dry completely and sanding with 220 fine grit sandpaper in between.

Here’s my finished book case:

Unicorn Spit Aura Blast Book Shelf

Unicorn Spit Aura Blast Book Shelf2

Unicorn Spit Aura Blast Book Shelf_closeup

I’m really happy with the way it turned out. Unicorn Spit makes everything look like a one-of-a-kind work of art!

~ Courtney

The Aura Blast design is just one technique we teach in our Introduction to Unicorn Spit class at All Things New Again in Leesburg, VA. Here are a few photos from a recent class. We practice three techniques on boards, then you choose your favorite for a jewelry rack you “spit on” in class, take home and enjoy. And here’s the link again to our online store. We ship Unicorn Spit throughout the U.S.

Unicorn Spit class boards2

Unicorn Spit class boards1

Unicorn Spit class projects









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  1. Where can I buy this Unicorn Spit? I have checked everywhere I once even got a sex shop making edible Unicorn Spit as a lubricant. NOT what I’m looking for! Please tell me where I can get this at a reasonable price????

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