We’re Ending Midnight Madness and Starting a New Thanksgiving Tradition with Our Family This Year

All Things New Again at night

All Things New Again, Leesburg VA

For the past 10 years, our shop in this little white house in Leesburg has been THE place to be on Thanksgiving night.

We started our annual Thanksgiving party called Midnight Madness back when the shop was called Sawdust Specialties, back before all of the big box retailers opened their doors on Thanksgiving, back before our girls got married and had families of their own.

We continued the Midnight Madness tradition after we transitioned to our new furniture and paint boutique, All Things New Again.

And we always had a lot of fun!

We are very grateful for all of the wonderful people who spent a part of their Thanksgiving night with us over the years. Midnight Madness was always a fun time to catch up with old friends and make new friends too.

However, this year feels different. After 10 amazing years of spending Thanksgiving night with you, we are ending our annual Midnight Madness tradition.

* * * * * * * * * * *

All Things New Again will be closed on Thanksgiving this year. We will be open our regular hours of Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm so come on over and bring your out-of-town guests. Our coffee pot will be on and we have lots of new Christmas decor inventory!

* * * * * * * * * *

Dave and I decided it was time to be home for Thanksgiving this year. We want to host dinner at our house. Dave has been baking up a storm all week! We want to give our daughter, Colleen, a much-deserved break after many, many delicious Thanksgiving dinners at her home.

Most of all, we want to spend precious time with our grandchildren while they are still little. Now is the time for us to start some new Thanksgiving traditions that the kids will remember as they grow up.

halloween kidsBack when Courtney and Colleen were little, we started making Christmas ornaments featuring their photos every year. As they grew up, we had enough ornaments to fill an entire tree. (I really, really like Christmas trees! You can read more about that here.) For many years, we kicked off our Christmas season by decorating the Family Photo Tree every Thanksgiving night.

photo tree in boxOur tradition waned after the girls grew up, but now that Claire, Carleigh, Joey and Shane are here … everything is new again! Dave and I revived the tradition by making ornaments with photos of each grandchild.

This year the kids are old enough to help make their own ornaments. We collected pictures of them all year. After dinner, we will set up all of the supplies and the kids can glue their favorite photos onto the wooden ornaments. Then we will hang them on the Family Photo Tree together.

I can’t wait!

family photo tree pics1

family photo tree pics2We also bought some snowflake ornaments for the kids to decorate with Unicorn Spit, the non-toxic rainbow gel stain and glaze we carry at All Things New Again. They are old pros at using this creative juice after the project we did last summer. I know they will make beautiful snowflake ornaments to take home and hang on their own trees.

And when they are all grown up, I hope they unpack their snowflake ornaments after Thanksgiving dinner and say, “We always had a lot of fun at Grandma and Pop’s house!”

family photo tree ornaments1

family photo tree ornaments2

If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your home this year or traveling to visit loved ones, we hope you have a lot of fun too.

Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Cathy

2 responses to “We’re Ending Midnight Madness and Starting a New Thanksgiving Tradition with Our Family This Year

  1. Congrats on your new tradition, that was a good choice, although I was looking forward to it haha. Hope I get to still use my painting prize from last yr …… Where has the time gone ?… Happy Thanksgiving, see you soon xoxo

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