Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest: From Banged-Up Boho to Coastal Cool

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IMG_4515What do you call an out-of-the-blue text from my brother-in-law featuring a mysterious picture of a banged-up boho cabinet sitting at the curb?

You call it … The Best Mother’s Day Present EVER!

I was a little surprised when he sent me the picture—and even more surprised when he agreed to haul it home for me—but, hey, All Things New Again is a family business so everybody pays attention when there’s something good on the curb!

(And it was Mother’s Day, after all. It was nice of him to get me something!)

“You may not want it,” he said when I came to pick it up. “It’s pretty messed up.”

boho cabinet_beforeHe was right. (I hate it when he’s right!) The cabinet looked like somebody dropped it down the stairs. A big chunk of the door was missing. Ugly particle-board was poking out. The top had weird bubbles on it.

I would never admit this to my brother-in-law … but I was afraid it might be too messed up for me to do anything with it and it would end up on the curb in front of my house.

However, I’m always up for a good challenge—and it was super-sweet of him to get this for me—so I took it home to think about how-in-the-world could I make this pretty again.

* * *

While I was thinking, the ladies over at the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest announced a really cool sponsor for June. Saltwash is a new product that gives painted furniture “a layered sun and salt air soaked look.” Saltwash is the sponsor of this month’s contest. The theme is: Coastal Inspirations.

FFFC - main graphic (updated 5.11.2016)

DISCLOSURE: Saltwash provided me with free product to complete my entry for the June 2016 Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest.

* * *

saltwash-main-logoIt is easy to create a wonderful layered look on painted furniture with Saltwash, a powder made with real sea salt.


Just add a few scoops of Saltwash to the basecoat of paint …

(any color and any type of paint will work)


… stir it up until the consistency is thick like frosting …


… then apply it to your piece …

… pouncing your brush over the paint to create more texture.

IMG_4462For my Saltwash layer, I chose a few different shades of beachy blues and greens because I wanted a subtle variation of colors showing through the white top coat. I just mixed Saltwash into each color, then applied all of the colors at the same time with the same paintbrush, overlapping in some places to create new colors.

IMG_4460Once the Saltwash layer is completely dry, paint your top color over everything. After you distress the piece, the Saltwash’ed texture and colors show through with an authentic weather-beaten look like your furniture has been happily sitting outside by the seashore for a few summers.
saltwash closeup

To finish my cabinet, I removed the door, painted the interior turquoise and added a new top from reclaimed wood to cover up those weird bubbles.

Here’s my finished project—

from banged-up boho to coastal cool!

coastal cabinet_final


salt wash closeup side view

saltwash cabinet2

reclaimed wood tabletop

saltwash cabinet1If you are a furniture flippin’ blogger and would like to participate in future contests, please contact info@fabfurnitureflippincontest.com for more information. (Do it! This is a lot of fun.)

If you would like to see more lovely Coastal Inspirations created using Saltwash, please visit this month’s Fab Furniture Flippin Contest hosts.

Carrie from Thirty Eighth Street


Colleen from 58 Water Street

(Do it! Their work is beautiful and you will find links to all of this month’s contest entries here.)

And if you are out and about in your neighborhood and come across any furniture on the curb, text me! I’m so happy my brother-in-law did.

Thank you, Adam!

<3 Courtney

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10 thoughts on “Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest: From Banged-Up Boho to Coastal Cool

  1. thechelseaproject says:

    Oh Courtney, what a beautful coastal piece you’ve created. I’m finding the Saltwash product to be so amazing. But the most interesting thing is that in the hands of different people, each piece is totally unique. Your end table is just this special. Love the colors so much. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Friday’s Furniture Fix. Susie from The Chelsea Project

    • Courtney @ All Things New Again says:

      Thank you so much, Susie! I love this little piece…that he found it for me and that I was able to make it pretty again. Saltwash works wonders! I agree—everybody has a different look, but everything looks beautiful. So much fun! ~Courtney

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