A Chair Affair at All Things New Again

tropical jade chair w black seat


They are handy to have around when you need to sit down, but let’s be honest. Chairs aren’t exactly the most romantic pieces of furniture in your home, are they?

A sturdy chair doesn’t make you swoon. Your heart doesn’t beat a little faster when you glance at it across the room. You don’t call your girlfriends to gush over the cute new chair you just brought home.

Do you?

Maybe you just haven’t met the right chair yet …

It’s time to fall in love with chairs during A Chair Affair at All Things New Again in Leesburg, Virginia.

Red Chair w Burlap SeatPretty painted chairs are our summer crush and we want to play matchmaker for you! Here are 10 Chairs We Love—all available for sale at the shop. (Sorry! We don’t offer shipping at this time.)

We have also included Pinterest-worthy ideas for incorporating chairs into your home decor. They aren’t just for sitting!

If that isn’t enough to sweep you off your feet, we reduced the price on all of our unpainted chairs in stock to just $10—and we are offering a new workshop called A Chair Affair every Saturday in July. No prior painting experience needed. You bring a chair. We will help you transform it into a stylish home accent.

And when you glance at it across the room, your heart just might skip a beat. ❤

10 Chairs We Love_All Things New Again

How can you use a chair to decorate your home?

soft green paisley chair_All Things New AgainHere’s the obvious answer: for sitting!

Replace a boring chair behind a desk or writing table with a fun pop of color. Or how about adding one colorful mismatched chair as a focal point at the head of your kitchen or dining table?

Need more spots to sit? Tuck a chair to your entryway or foyer for a convenient place to put on shoes before heading out the front door.

Your bedroom is also a great spot for an extra chair—piled high with colorful quilts or blankets.

Or if you have a walk-in closet and it is big enough (lucky you!), make this amazing space even more functional by squeezing in a pretty chair, again for the shoes. I just love shoes.

* * *

Who doesn’t love a front porch with a rocking chair? Even if you don’t have time to rock away the evening with a nice cold glass of lemonade, a chair on the front porch adds cozy curb appeal—with or without a potted plant or bright flowers placed on the seat.

Small Black Rocking Chair

Turquoise Chair with Bowl* * *

Remember when I said chairs aren’t just for sitting? Think outside of the closet or cubbies for extra storage for kid stuff. A bright chair with fun fabric makes a great corral for stuffed animals in a child’s bedroom.

Or add a chair to the corner of your family room with lots of games or puzzles carefully placed like an oversized round of Jenga. Who knows? This easy access to your games just might encourage your family to sit down and play together more often. You can even hang a chair on the wall and use it instead of a shelf.

Navy Blue Painted Chair with Black Seatdark blue and gold boho chair_All Things New Again

Chair w Yellow Seat and Lace

A painted chair may not be the most comfy choice for curling up with a good book, but it can look stylish displaying a stack of fanciful books in an office or library. Make it a challenge! Place the books from your summer reading list on a chair—and try really hard to get through them all. I bet you can do it!

Blue Lacy Love Chair Green Chair with Fruit Fabric_All Things New Again








Are you crushing on cute chairs now as much as we are? Daydreaming about all of the places you can fit a chair into your home? Love the 10 painted chairs we featured here, but none of them are Mr. Right?

No worries! Come on down to All Things New Again and pick out an unpainted chair from our stash—then make it your own!

All unpainted chairs are ONLY $10!

($10 unpainted chair sale runs until July 31, 2016. While supplies last.)

SALE_unpainted chairs 10 in JulyIt’s hard to find a chair for only $10 at any of the thrift stores around here. This is a great deal for DIY’ers looking for an easy project to work on this summer.

Don’t know where to start choosing colors or you have never painted anything before? Again, no worries! Come to one of our Chair Affair Workshops held every Saturday in July. You bring a chair. We will work with you on paint selection and teach you a few simple painting techniques to create a stunning new look for your chair. We can help re-cover fabric seats as well so bring new fabric if your chair needs it.

Our workshops are low-key events. No prior painting experience needed. We provide all paint, supplies and individualized instruction for you to go home with a project you love.

No need to call your girlfriends to gush. Invite them to the workshop too!

(Sign up right here.)

We always have a lot of fun.




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