Table-Palooza! The Whole Month of August at All Things New Again

It’s Table-Palooza Time here at All Things New Again!

(Whoop! Whoop!)

You may be wondering: What the heck is Table-Palooza?

It is our month-long celebration of All. Things. TABLES!

(Just in time for Back to School. Small tables are perfect additions to dorm rooms or apartments. They add personality and functionality to your space … and can fit right in the backseat of your car for a hassle-free move-in.)

Painted Tables We Love_All Things New AgainWe love little tables around here. They are small enough so you can probably find a space for one—even in fully furnished rooms. They are inexpensive so you can add a little table without the long-term commitment of, say, a new sofa. And they are just a fun way to add a splash of color without overpowering a room.

Here are a few of the pretty painted tables we recently created. All are available for sale at our shop, All Things New Again in Leesburg, Virginia.

(Sorry! Since this blog post was published, all of these tables are SOLD.)

We do custom painting and are happy to provide you a quote if you have a table or other piece of furniture you would like painted.

* * *

Let’s begin with this coastal-style coffee table. Check out that amazing texture on the tabletop created with a new product called Saltwash.

coastal coffee tablecoastal coffee table_saltwash tabletop aerial shotsaltwash closeupSaltwash is a powder you add to the base coat of paint to create the texture. It is an easy way to achieve a beachy, coastal look like this table and Courtney’s recent entry into the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest. It is also versatile enough to use for an elegant or more contemporary look.

We love this product so much, we decided to start selling it!

We are excited to announce that All Things New Again will soon be carrying Saltwash—at the shop AND available for orders in our new online store.

Here is another look at Saltwash used on this set of nesting tables.saltwash nesting tables

saltwash nesting tables_closeupIsn’t it pretty? We are having so much fun with this product. We can’t wait to share it with you.

* * *

Here are some tables created with another one of our favorite products—Unicorn Spit non-toxic rainbow gel stain and glaze. We also carry Unicorn Spit at the shop and we are one of the only stores in the country to offer an Introduction to Unicorn Spit class.

Unicorn Spit is a fun name and a fun product to work with. You never really know exactly how your design will turn out … but it always looks AMAZING!

Look at this one-of-a-kind design on the top of this bedside or end table. That’s Unicorn Spit!

mom unicorn spit tableHere’s another Unicorn Spit creation. This is a little plant stand, but how cute would it be tucked into your entryway as a colorful “welcome home” and spot to drop your keys?

Unicorn Spit plant stand

Unicorn Spit doesn’t have to be crazy-colorful. We used it here to create a faux stained-glass effect on the center inserts of these sophisticated side tables.

black unicorn spit tables1Can’t find the perfect sofa table? No worries. Place two matching end tables side-by-side to fill your space and create that wow factor in your home.

Here’s one more elegant black table … but this one has a twist.

black shimmer spit tableThe tabletop was created with a product that isn’t available to the general public yet. Shimmer Spit is a new product from the makers of Unicorn Spit. With Shimmer Spit, you can still stain wood so the grain shows through, but the finish has a soft glittery shimmer to it.

We had the opportunity to product-test Shimmer Spit earlier this summer — and we LOVE IT! You won’t find a table like this ANYWHERE ELSE … because no other stores have this product yet. 🙂

shimmer spit closeupHere’s another table you can’t find anywhere else … that’s because we designed and built it!

mom navy blue table w handle

Cathy and Dave found the little table on one of their crazy cross-country treasure hunting adventures. They also found a stash of antique hand drills and attached one as a unique handle for this table. What a perfect combination! The table is painted with Real Milk Paint Company’s Navy Blue and the flowers are paper napkins decoupaged. This table is small enough for the corner of your kitchen to hold a pretty vase of flowers or bowl of fruit.

Here’s our final table we are featuring today. This is a vintage drum table given an elegant new look. The tabletop wasn’t pretty enough to sand down and stain so we painted and glazed it for a contemporary stained-wood look instead.

drum table

drum table_aerial viewDo you love little tables now as much as we do?

We are also offering a fun Table-Palooza promotion for the month of August. We are hosting another Sidewalk Sale like we did in July with our Chair Affair event. This time … all unpainted tables featured outside will be priced at only $25. That’s right—$25! (That’s cheaper than you will find at most thrift stores around here.)

Table Palooza Sidewalk SaleSome of our Sidewalk Sale tables are nice enough to take home and enjoy as is. Some need a little TLC.

That is all part of the fun!

* * *

NEW WORKSHOP! Please join us for our Create-A-Crate Workshop on Saturday, August 13 and Saturday, August 27. We provide the crate, paint, paper napkins to decoupage and leather belts to craft into handles … you go home with stylish new storage that matches your own decor. Space is limited. No prior painting experience needed.

Click here for details.

Create A Crate Workshop flyer

6 responses to “Table-Palooza! The Whole Month of August at All Things New Again

    • Hi Dyan,

      I just go straight to the poly to finish my Unicorn Spit items. The Unicorn Spit colors change somewhat when you apply the finish. They deepen and become more jewel-toned. Sometimes your design looks different than it looked with just the Spit. The Tung Oil is an optional step that allows you to see what your colors/design will look like when the finish is applied. Some people stop there and consider it sealed as the Tung Oil will provide some protection to your piece and avoids the harsh chemicals from the poly. I like to use poly because it makes the surface really shiny and gives the design a 3D “pop” (that is hard to explain and photograph, but looks awesome in person!) However, if you use poly first, it provides that hard coating and you can not apply more Unicorn Spit over it to change your design because it won’t soak into the poly. If you apply the Tung Oil first, you can still come back and apply more Unicorn Spit after the Tung Oil dries to continue to play around with your design. You can also poly on top of the Tung Oil to get the harder finish and “pop” once you are satisfied with the look. I’m so impatient 🙂 I just go straight to the poly and take my chances that it will look awesome. Because it usually does! ~ Courtney

    • Hi Linda! I think you emailed me… but I mix a bit of black to get a darker navy. It might also look darker by itself if you just add more layers of blue and let it soak in. I think purple would work too…just a bit to darken it a little. If it gets too dark and is covering up the wood grain too much, spritz your surface with a little water and wipe it back. You might have to go back and forth a few times adding more blue and spraying water/wiping off to get the perfect balance of a darker color with nice wood grain showing through. Good luck with your project! ~Courtney

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