Everything About Dixie Belle Paint Is Easy-Peasy—Except Choosing A Color!

The super-nice ladies at the Dixie Belle Paint Company call their product “easy-peasy paint.”

It says so right there on the can.


I totally disagree.

Oh, sure … Dixie Belle Paint is easy to apply, adheres wonderfully with very little prep and self-levels to a smooth, elegant finish every time.

Painting with Dixie Belle IS easy-peasy.

But choosing a color is NOT!

Especially now with 13 new colors added to the Dixie Belle rainbow!

(We have all 55 colors of Dixie Belle Paint at our shop All Things New Again in Leesburg, Virginia—and we teach several techniques at our monthly Learn How to Paint Furniture Class.)

dixie-belle-paint-colors-2017It used to be if you wanted to paint something gray, all you had to do was decide: light, medium or dark.

(AKA Driftwood, Mason Dixon Gray or Hurricane Gray)

NOW there’s also Stormy Seas and Gravel Road and Savannah Mist and Manatee, which is the color I used on this heavily distressed headboard.

Headboard painted with Dixie Belle Paint's new color Manatee Gray and heavily distressed

I’m really only halfway complaining here. I do love all of the new colors.

It’s just … choosing one to paint with is SO HARD because they are


We all know my favorite-favorite color always is dark blue so Bunker Hill Blue is my go-to color for projects I paint at home. Here it is over pinky-purpley Plum Crazy on a little rocker I painted as part of my recent dining room makeover.


But check out the new color Muscadine Wine on these matching tables my mom painted last week.

Matching tables painted in Muscadine Wine, one of 13 new colors from Dixie Belle Paint

I may have to re-think my favorite-favorite color always.

My mom always says her favorite color is whatever color she is painting with at the moment.

Of course, these little tables—painted in Vintage Duck Egg, Sand Bar and Midnight Sky—made her head spin. Three stunning colors all swirled together perfectly on the same project.


closeup-vintage-duck-egg-over-sand-barHow can anyone choose a favorite?

This is the problem I’m facing right now. (I know—it’s a tough problem to have, right?)

What color(s) do I paint this little table I picked up this week?

queen-ann-table_before-shotDo I go classic and elegant with creamy-dreamy Dropcloth like my mom did with this dresser?

dropcloth-dresserDo I go with a bold color like I did on this French Provincial nightstand I painted Amethyst and sealed with high-gloss poly for maximum shine?

purple-nightstand1-11-27-16-amOr keep it subtle and stunning with Mud Puddle on the legs and Chocolate on top like I did with this cocktail table?

dixie-belle-paint_mud-puddleMy head is spinning with all of the amazing color choices.

Will you please help me out here?

What color should I paint the table?

Let me know what you think in the comments. I just might go with your idea because I can’t decide on my own!

What do you think?

Choosing a Dixie Belle color is not as easy-peasy at it seems, is it? 🙂

❤ Courtney

* * *

All Things New Again is a family-owned furniture and paint boutique in Leesburg, Virginia (about an hour or so west of Washington, DC). We carry several lines of paint for your next DIY project, including easy-peasy, makes-everything-look-beautiful Dixie Belle Paint.
We also teach a Learn How to Paint Furniture class each month jam-packed with all of the tips and tricks the pros use to transform furniture. Our next class is Sunday, March 5. Please join us!

Here’s the link.

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