My husband must have been hungry the day our new Dixie Belle Paint order arrived.

“That looks like a nice chipotle dip,” G said when I pulled the new color Terracotta out of the box.

Mud Puddle was next.

“Mmmm,” G said. “Chocolate milkshake!”

Mud Puddle


I knew the next color would stump him.

“What does Bunker Hill Blue look like to you?” I asked.

Bunker Hill Blue

He looked at the dark navy blue for a second and shrugged.

“Nothing I would eat,” he admitted. “But it will look good in our dining room.”

He was right about that!

* * *

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Dixie Belle Paint Company just added seven yummy new colors to their line of no-VOC, easy-to-use chalk/mineral paint.

We have all seven colors—in addition to all of the other gorgeous Dixie Belle colors—in both quart and sample sizes at our shop All Things New Again in Leesburg, Virginia. The colors all mix and match beautifully and look great with Dixie Belle’s line of glazes. If you can’t make it out to Leesburg, no worries. Here’s a link to Dixie Belle’s full line of products–and they ship everywhere.

IMG_3514Choosing the color is always the hardest part of any DIY project. The possibilities are endless!

You could go for a dramatic jewel-toned look with Amethyst, a rich dark purple.

Or swirl together three new colors like Daisy, Apricot and Tea Rose like I did on this table for a soft, spring look.

Apricot Tea Rose Table

Apricot Daisy Tea Rose

closeup tableThis little wicker table was in need of a do-over. I painted it awhile ago, but the paint job just wasn’t working for me anymore. (And obviously it wasn’t working for anybody else either because it has been in the shop forever and hasn’t sold!) I wanted to re-paint it in one of the new Dixie Belle Paint colors. Remember when I said choosing the color was the hardest part? I couldn’t decide so I asked our awesome All Things New Again Facebook fans.

IMG_3522It was a close call, but Bunker Hill Blue was the winner!

(Thank you to everybody who voted.)

Bunker Hill Blue

I added a little bit of shimmer with Dixie Belle’s Copper Bronze Glaze on the handle, “feet” and stenciled down the side of the drawer.

Bunker Hill Blue w Copper Glaze

PLEASE NOTE: I’m having a hard time photographing the true color. It looks darker/almost black in the photos I shot in my kitchen, but a bit brighter/royal blue in these photos shot outside in bright sunlight. Bunker Hill Blue is truly a dark navy blue, but I can’t seem to capture that in my photos. Come on up to the shop and see it in person!

Here is a really nice project that shows the true “navy-ness” of Bunker Hill Blue better. It was painted by Colleen from from Serendipitous II in Bangor Maine. This photo shows the true color perfectly. Don’t you love the color better now? I also love those cute little knobs on Colleen’s piece.

Colleen Bunker Hill BlueThis isn’t Bunker Hill Blue, but it is so beautiful I had to share! Cindy at Off the Beaten Path Antiques and Gifts in McCalla, Alabama painted this table with the new colors Mud Puddle and Tea Rose.

Cindy Mud Puddle Tea Rose Table

I love the curly-cues on this table. I love that little bird. But mostly I love the richness of that Mud Puddle color, almost like a hot, steamy cafe au lait.

Wait a minute! Comparing Dixie Belle’s new colors to food and drinks?

I sound like my husband now!

Or maybe I’m just hungry.

~ Courtney

THANK YOU to Colleen and Cindy, two talented Dixie Belle Paint retailers who allowed me to share their work here! For more ideas and inspiration from Dixie Belle retailers and fans around the country, please join this Facebook group.

* * *

All Things New Again is a family-owned furniture and paint boutique located in Leesburg, Virginia, about an hour or so west of Washington, DC. We offer our own eclectic brand of hand painted furniture, several lines of eco-friendly paint for DIY projects (including Dixie Belle!), classes and workshops. Our Learn How to Paint Furniture Class is offered every month. Learn new techniques to go home with the skills—and the confidence—to start painting furniture like a pro!

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