This black buffet with the metallic bronze accents did not start out looking this amazing.

Black Buffet | All Things New Again | Leesburg VAOnce upon a time, the black buffet was abused by Evil Furniture Owners who scraped-the-heck out of the top, busted up several of the drawers and left it on the curb for the trash men to haul away. (Seriously …  How in the world did this buffet get so messed up?)
Buffet Before Shot | Curbside Find | Furniture Rescue

The Black Buffet’s Daring Rescue

The black buffet seemed destined for the landfill until a Kind-Hearted Furniture Rescuing Princess came along. (That’s me!) The princess felt so sorry for the little vintage buffet. She could see the curvy lines and elegant carved details. She could see the beauty beyond the damage.

The Kind-Hearted Furniture Rescuing Princess was determined to rescue this buffet—even though it was really  heavy and she was by herself. Luckily, a stranger who was jogging by stopped to help load it into the back of her car and jogged off into the sunset. (True story!)

Then she delivered the buffet to two Furniture Salvaging Sorcerers. (That’s my mom and dad!).

The Furniture Salvaging Sorcerers worked a lot of magic to transform this broken buffet into the black buffet with the metallic bronze accents. Here’s how they did it.
Black Buffet | Before Shot | Furniture Rescue | All Things New Again

The Black Buffet’s Glam Makeover

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Dixie Belle Gold Gilding Wax | Sold at All Things New Again | Leesburg VAThe Furniture Salvaging Sorcerers cleaned the buffet really well, sanded off the scratches on top and repaired the missing chunks of veneer.

Then they painted the base with Dixie Belle Paint Company, the no-VOC chalk-mineral paint we sell at our store All Things New Again in Leesburg, Virginia.

The color is Caviar, a true black—no charcoal here!

The top is painted with Modern Masters metallic paint in a color called Blackened Bronze. The details are accented with Dixie Belle’s Bronze Gilding Wax.

Then my Mom had a brilliant idea to transform the bottom section of the black buffet into open shelving—and my Dad made it happen.

That’s how a team of Furniture Salvaging Sorcerers works!

The Big Box Build-Out

The Furniture Salvaging Sorcerers removed the two bottom drawers and built-out the “box” with a floor and custom-cut walls. They also painted the walls black and decoupaged a lace curtain onto them with Mod Podge.

We explained the process in-depth on The Furniture Painting Friday Show, our live show we do Fridays at 12 noon (eastern time) over on our All Things New Again Facebook Page. 

Here’s the link to our Furniture Painting Friday Show archives

Just search for The Big Box Build-Out for instructions

This is a great idea for salvaging old dressers or buffets with drawers damaged-beyond-repair. With a little bit of measuring and a few power tools, they can be up-cycled into open shelving and saved from the landfill.

Open shelving is a popular look that can be painted to suit any decorating style. My Mom loved this buffet so much that she painted it to match her dining room and found the perfect spot.Black Buffet | All Things New Again | Leesburg VA

Black Buffet With Glam Gold Trim | All Things New Again | Leesburg VABlack Buffet with Glam Gold Trim | All Things New Again | Leesburg VA | Upcycled Furniture
And the black buffet with the metallic bronze accents lived happily ever after.

Don’t you just love a furniture rescue with a happy ending?

~ Courtney

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