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saltwash-main-logoSaltwash is an easy-to-use product to create beautiful texture on your painted furniture pieces. It is a powder additive made from real sea salt you mix into your base coat of paint to create a layered and textured effect like your piece has been happily sitting outside by the seashore for many summers. Saltwash can be used with any type or any brand of paint. Use a little for a subtle, almost crackled vintage look … or use a lot for a dramatic timeworn effect.

You can create so many different looks with this new product. That’s all part of the fun!

Purchase Saltwash at our shop All Things New Again in Leesburg, Virginia—or buy it online right here and we will ship to you. Just click on the Saltwash logo below.

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Here are photos of some of the different looks we have created with Saltwash. You can see some of our before-and-after furniture transformations using Saltwash here and here. You can also find more information and video tutorials on the Saltwash website … or watch our video on how to mix and apply the product over on our Facebook page.

saltwash closeup

red dresser_saltwash_closeup



Saltwash_blackandwhite table