The Most Challenging Furniture Painting Project

This isn't the biggest piece I've ever painted. It's not the most detailed. But it was the most challenging furniture painting project - not because the painting was hard. Because of everything else going on in my life!

An Extra-Special White Desk With Stained Top

I always love helping people update their furniture to make it perfect for their home. But it's a little more fun when the furniture is extra-special. ... What makes this white desk with stained top so special? Check out the All Things New Again Blog to find out!

Embracing ‘Lego Home Decor’ (For A Little While)

Lego home decor is not really a decorating style I ever considered before. But when you are committed to creating a home you love to live in, you have to keep an open mind!

An All New All Things New Again!

Our store All Things New Again officially closed, but our family's furniture painting business will continue with exciting changes in 2022! Read more about it ....

Custom Logo Stencil for Furniture Painters

My custom logo stencil was provided by Lazer Designs. All opinions are my own. If you are a furniture painter who sells your work, you probably have an awesome logo to advertise your business. But do you have an awesome custom logo stencil? A custom logo stencil is perfect for branding your work (even for … Continue reading Custom Logo Stencil for Furniture Painters