Decoupage family photos onto furniture to create unique home decor!

It’s easy to decoupage family photos onto furniture and transforms ordinary furniture into truly one-of-a-kind family keepsakes. Here’s how I created an awesome birthday present for my awesome sister, Colleen, by decoupaging a photo of our children onto our grandmother’s old table.

PHOTO1_ColleenThis is my sister, Colleen.

She is the greatest sister a girl could ever ask for, a wonderful mother to her three babies and my best friend in the entire world.

She is also incredibly challenging when it comes to finding the perfect birthday present for her.

This is our grandmother’s table.

Before Shot | Table | Decoupage Family Photos onto Furniture

It was a beauty in its day, but somehow ended up in my basement a little banged up and very dusty.

PHOTO3_kiddosThese are my sister’s babies.

(Did I say she only has three? Technically, the big boy on the end belongs to me. However, he thinks he is one of Colleen’s babies because he has so much fun playing at her house and she loves him like one of her own. She’s an awesome aunt too!)

This is how I created the perfect birthday present for colleen

how to Decoupage family photos onto furniture

First, I painted the table black with blue legs to match Colleen’s decor.

(Don’t freak out! Our Grandma totally would love it!)

Next, came the fun part…

Our dad took a great photograph of the children on Father’s Day.

(Do you know how hard it is to get four children under the age of 4 to all sit still AND look at the camera at the same time?! I only had to photoshop a little guacamole off my son’s face and this was the most perfect family photo of all four kids that we have.)

I had the photo enlarged at Costco. Then I cut around their little heads and decoupaged the family photo onto furniture. I simply used Mod Podge to glue down the photo onto the tabletop.Decoupage Family Photos onto Furniture | Mod Podge | Decoupage | Decoupage Photo onto Table

After the Mod Podge dried, I sealed the table to protect it from grubby little fingerprints and give it a nice shine.

This is Colleen’s Awesome Birthday Present!

Decoupage Family Photo onto Furniture | Photo Decoupaged Onto Table | All Things New Again

I absolutely love how this table turned out with the family photo decoupaged onto it. My sister loves family photographs—especially photos of her kiddos. Decoupaging a family photo onto furniture is a special way to commemorate a special time in our lives when our kids were little.

Decoupage Family Photo onto Furniture | Tutorial by All Things New Again

~ Courtney

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