Decoupage ornaments are an easy and inexpensive way to jazz up ordinary Christmas ornaments to match your home decor perfectly. They are also fun presents to personalize for a friend. All you need is an ornament, paper (I used a pretty napkin) and Mod Podge — and you can create wonderful, one-of-a-kind decoupage ornaments too.

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I made this cherry blossom decoupage ornament as part of the 2019 Ornament Exchange Link Party.

Check out the Link Party for dozens of awesome Christmas ornament ideas and tutorials from some very talented bloggers. And if you have an ornament tutorial, please feel free to link up too.

Here is my tutorial:

How to Decoupage Ornaments

Decoupage Ornaments Tutorial

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Decoupage Ornaments Supply List

I like to stock up on clear ornaments (glass or plastic) when they go on sale after Christmas. There are so many projects you can create with these for next year’s Christmas presents or even year-round home decor.

Washington, D.C. | Cherry Blossoms | Spring

You may be wondering why I chose cherry blossoms for a Christmas ornament.

I live outside of Washington, D.C. where the world-famous cherry blossoms bloom every spring. These napkins remind me of a beautiful time of year here.

(I like the napkins so much, I used them on this little table and this sofa table.)

When I saw the cherry blossoms in my napkin stash, I thought they were perfect for the 2019 Ornament Exchange. The cherry trees in Washington, D.C. were a gift from Japan and bloom every spring as a symbol of friendship.

I thought the napkin was a pretty design and I loved the idea of sending a symbol of friendship to my ornament partner Kristie from Love My Little Cottage. I hope she likes it!

The Simple Secret to Beautiful Decoupage Ornaments

It can be tricky to decoupage ornaments and get the paper completely smooth and wrinkle-free. In fact, I think it is pretty darn impossible! The secret to neatly decoupaging ornaments–or any other object–is simple.

The first thing I do is crumple up the paper. That’s right. I wad it all up into a tiny ball to intentionally create my own wrinkles. Now, any wrinkles accidentally created in the decoupage process will blend right in like they were meant to be there. (Hey, we all have a few wrinkles, right? Why not embrace them.)

I think this step gives the decoupage ornaments a timeworn vintage look and takes a lot of pressure off to make it look perfect.

Decoupage | How to Decoupage Paper Napkins | Secret to Beautiful Decoupage

How To Apply Paper Napkins to a Christmas Ornament

Cherry Blossom Napkins

Next, I remove the white backing and tear the napkin into little pieces.

I find smaller pieces are easier to apply than trying to curve one large napkin and glue it down around the entire ornament.

You don’t get as many creases with smaller napkin pieces.

(Hey, that rhymed!)

Once the napkin is ready, paint the Mod Podge all over the ornament and start sticking on napkin pieces, gently smoothing them with your finger as you go to iron out any air bubbles. Make sure you smooth down the edges really well so the napkin sticks to the ornament. You may need to paint a little more Mod Podge over the edges as you go to make them stick.

How to Decoupage Paper Napkins onto Christmas Ornaments

I continue painting on Mod Podge and layering napkin pieces until the entire ornament is covered. Don’t worry about matching up the design exactly. It will all flow together and look beautiful in the end. The paper becomes more fragile when it gets wet with Mod Podge. If you accidentally tear a piece, no worries. Just smooth it out and Mod Podge another piece of paper right over the hole.

Once your entire ornament is covered, run your hands over it again (gently!) to smooth out any air bubbles and make sure all of the edges are secured. Then let it dry. I like to come back later and apply a second coat of Mod Podge all over to seal the ornament and make sure all of the paper will stay in place.

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Let the Mod Podge dry and add the finishing touches to your decoupage ornaments. I always love glitter, especially at Christmas. I painted a little bit more Mod Podge just around the top of the ornament and sprinkled some gold glitter. You can also add a bow or other pretty flourishes.

My 2019 Ornament Exchange Link Party Project

Decoupage Ornaments the Easy Way | How to Decoupage Christmas Ornaments | How to Make Christmas Ornaments | All Things New Again

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. If you decoupage ornaments this holiday season, please share a photo in our All Things New Again Artisans Group over on Facebook. It is free to join and filled with lots of furniture painting advice, inspiration and encouragement.

And don’t forget to check out the other tutorials from the 2019 Ornament Exchange Link Party!

Merry Christmas!

~ Courtney

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