We always say our favorite color is whatever we are painting with at the moment.

This week it is Deep Sapphire, a jewel-toned blue from Real Milk Paint Company, the non-toxic, eco-friendly line of milk paint we carry at our shop All Things New Again in Leesburg, Virginia.

Look at how gorgeous Deep Sapphire is on this little table and chair set my Mom painted recently.

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Milk paint comes in powder form and is mixed with water in a 1:1 ratio to transform it into paint. It’s easy. You just scoop the powder into your container, add the same amount of water and mix it up—just like making chocolate milk!

You can create wonderfully textured looks with milk paint (see our student projects below). Or you can add a product called UltraBond to your paint for a smooth, elegant finish like my Mom created here.

One of the cool things about milk paint is it creates slight variations of the same color across your painted surface. So my Mom’s chairs look blue in this photo, of course, but in person you can see a spectrum of dark blue sparkling across the chair, a beautiful look unique to milk paint.

I love this look.

And I love this color.

I love it so much that when I saw my Mom’s work-in-progress at her home one day, I knew it was the perfect color for MY latest paint project too. So I rooted around in her recycle bin for an empty peanut butter jar, washed it out really well and smuggled a big ol’ scoop of Deep Sapphire milk paint powder right out of her can when she wasn’t looking.

(Like all good Moms, she has eyes in the back of her head. Or else she thought I was being a little too quiet. She looked up from her painting to see what I was doing, but said I could take her paint anyway. Woo hoo! Thanks Mom!)

Here’s my project:


Notice the blue is slightly different between my mom’s project and mine. We used different products to finish them.

My Mom used Real Milk Paint’s Warm Black Wax to deepen the blue color on her table and chairs–just a bit. I used Real Milk Paint’s Chestnut Brown Wax—and a whole lot of it—to give my piece a more rustic look. Both waxes contain zero VOC’s or other harmful chemicals and are easy to apply with a brush or rag. I brushed mine on and wiped away the excess with a rag, layering the wax a few times like this until I loved how it looked.

NOTE: You may see a layer of ooky looking skin on top of the wax when you open the can. No worries! This happens sometimes and is no big deal. Just pick it out of the can, throw it away and you are good to go.

Another difference in our two projects is how we finished the tops.

My Mom went the traditional route with a nice brown stain to accentuate the pretty grain on her tabletop.


I used Unicorn Spit non-toxic rainbow gel stains to create a side-by-side pattern in a swirl of blues, gray and brown on my little drop-side cabinet.


Both looks complement the Real Milk Paint nicely.

Then again, it is hard to go wrong when your base color is a gorgeous gem like Deep Sapphire.

<3 Courtney

P.S.–Both my Mom’s table and chair set and my little drop-side cabinet are available for sale at All Things New Again.

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All Things New Again is a family-owned furniture and paint boutique in Leesburg, Virginia, about an hour west of Washington, D.C. We offer hand painted furniture and several lines of paint for your next DIY project, including Real Milk Paint. We also offer painting classes and workshops. Check out these awesome tables our students painted in our Introduction to Real Milk Paint class last weekend. They did a great job!

student-tables_logostudent-tabletop-closeups-copyOur next Introduction to Real Milk Paint class is scheduled on Sunday, June 11. Please join us! We teach several techniques to get you started using this awesome paint. Then you choose your favorite colors and techniques to paint a table in class, take home and enjoy. Here’s the link with details. 

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  1. Wonderful job on both pieces, love both finishes you guys created here, the smooth perfect jewel tone and the funky side table, the unicorn spit blend works perfect with your finish I love it, thanks for sharing your projects at Fridays Furniture Fix ladies!

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