Do you know all of the Dixie Belle blues my mom blended together on this 3-drawer dresser?

Blue Blended Dresser | Blend of Dixie Belle Blues | By All Things New Again

That’s OK — neither does she!

The Dixie Belle Paint Company palette includes more than a dozen shades of blue from so-light-it-almost-looks-white Haint Blue

Vintage secretary desk | Painted in Dixie Belle Haint Blue | By All Things New Again, Leesburg VA

… to dark and mysterious In The Navy

Small vintage side table | Painted in Dixie Belle In the Navy | navy blue furniture | Dixie Belle Patina Paint

… and pretty much every other shade of blue you can think of in between.

Dixie Belle even has a blue called Dixie Belle Blue, an elegant Tiffany blue.

We sell all of the Dixie Belle blues (and all of the other colors too!) at our store All Things New Again in Leesburg, Virginia.

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Dixie Belle Blues

Of course, all of the Dixie Belle blues are beautiful on their own like this client-owned buffet we recently painted Antebellum Blue.

Vintage buffet painted in Dixie Belle Antebellum Blue | By All Things New Again, Leesburg VA | painted furniture

But sometimes you just need to blend two different shades of blue together. Then you open a third jar. And by the time the dresser is finished, you don’t even remember all of the Dixie Belle blues you used on it.

That’s what happened to my mom with her dresser.

Normally that wouldn’t be a problem.

The dresser is beautiful, after all.

(It is also for sale. See our Furniture page for details.)

But how-the-heck am I supposed to write a tutorial on how to re-create this look if we can’t even remember all of the colors she used on this piece?

Here’s how.

I’ll just show you a bunch of photos and we will try to figure it out together.

Dixie Belle blues blend together beautifully on this dresser.

I’m 100% sure there are several streaks of Bunker Hill Blue going on here. Before In the Navy was released last summer, Bunker Hill was Dixie Belle’s darkest blue. (It is still my favorite of ALL the Dixie Belle colors!)

blue painted furniture | blue furniture | furniture makeovers | Dixie Belle Paint

See the top section of that top drawer? That color is called The Gulf.

I think.

Or it might be Pure Ocean.

Those two beachy blues are so pretty, but I’m always mixing them up. It’s one or the other.


And that top section of the second drawer? That’s Dixie Belle Blue, the color I mentioned earlier.

It has to be. Right?

Honestly? I don’t know. It could be a custom mix my mom created while she was blending the Dixie Belle blues. We haven’t even talked about all of the amazing NEW shades of blue you can create!

All I know for sure is that the Dixie Belle Blues my mom blended on this dresser look beautiful.

Whatever they are!

What is your favorite Dixie Belle blue? Let us know in the comments!


Dixie Belle Blues Blend Beautifully | All Things New Again | Leesburg, VA | Dixie Belle Paint Co. Retailer

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  1. You know my monitor shows colors much lighter than seeing in person. I would love to guess but difficult because of this. Maybe In the Navy with Dixie Belle Blue or Pure Ocean and another blue like Cobalt or Bunker Hill Blue. When blended new colors are created, not sure I would be able to identify if seeing in person.

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