Lego home decor is not really a decorating style I ever considered before. But when you are committed to creating a home you love to live in, you have to keep an open mind!

If you Google “lego home decor,” a lot of really fun and colorful craft projects pop up, most of them for kids bedrooms or playrooms.

In our house, Lego home decor looks a little bit different

Lego Home Decor - Yes, those are legos on my handpainted vintage buffet!

Yes, those are Star Wars Lego spaceships on display on our dining room buffet, right next to my grandma’s fancy lamp I love.

Yes, I know it’s not a look you’ll find on many Pinterest boards or HGTV shows. (In fact, I’m pretty sure this isn’t even what the actual “lego home decor” is all about!)

That’s ok. My son is 10. And he’s only going to be 10 for a little while.

He’s *really* into Lego’s and Star Wars right now.

And he’s *really* proud that he built these spaceships all by himself.

And I’m *really* proud of him! He’s an awesome kid!

Kids - Legos - Decorating with Legos

So instead of displaying his creations up in his room where nobody will see them, we intentionally put them smack in the middle of the dining room where we will see them every day.

Maybe it doesn’t look chic (unless Lego Chic is a thing?), but it sure makes me smile every time I walk by.

That’s the kind of energy I intend to create in my home.

That feeling is more important to me than the latest decorating trends. That’s exactly what I mean when I encourage people to create a home you love to live in. It’s not so much about the specific style. It’s about making your home simply feel good for everyone who lives there.

And if that means Lego sets on the hand painted vintage buffet at our house, hey, that works for me.

It’s only for a little while …

And it sure-as-heck is better than stepping on legos on the floor, right? 🤣 🤣 🤣

♥️ Courtney

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