I must confess Farmhouse Green was not one of those new Dixie Belle Paint Company colors I went all ga-ga over when it was released earlier this year …  Then I opened a jar and started painting with it!Farmhouse Green | Dixie Belle Paint | Sold at All Things New Again | Leesburg VA

Now I am in love with Farmhouse Green.

Farmhouse Green is just the perfect soft shade of green to freshen up tired old furniture like this little round table with the curvy legs.

And I love that Farmhouse Green goes with many decorating styles—from farmhouse to fancy—and everything in between.Farmhouse Green Table Before Shot | All Things New Again

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A Fancy Farmhouse Green Makeover for A Little Table

Dixie Belle Paint is the no-VOC chalk-mineral paint we sell at our store All Things New Again in Leesburg, Virginia and use in our monthly Learn How to Paint Furniture Class.

With 64 gorgeous colors, we always say choosing only one is the hardest part of any painted furniture project. I chose Farmhouse Green for this fancy little table because it was a new color I wanted to try out. It was the perfect choice!

Dixie Belle Paint has amazing coverage as you can see in this photo. That’s one coat of the light Farmhouse Green over all of that shiny dark wood. No priming or sanding needed!

Dixie Belle Paint | Farmhouse Green | Sold at All Things New Again | Leesburg VA

Two coats of Farmhouse Green was all it took for flawless coverage on this table. I sealed everything with Gator Hide, a tough non-yellowing polyacrylic.

Then I added the final fancy touch to this little table.

Fancy Farmhouse Green Table | By All Things New Again | Leesburg Virginia furniture store

The shoes make the outfit!

I taped off the two front legs and used Dixie Belle’s Patina Paint and Spray to fashion rusty cowgirl boots for this fancy farm girl. The combo of Iron Patina Paint + Green Spray causes a chemical reaction that creates actual rust on non-metallic items like this wooden table.

[Learn how to DIY Rusty Fall Decor here.]Dixie Belle Patina and Farmhouse Green | All Things New Again | Leesburg VA

You can also use Dixie Belle Patina Paint to speed up rust on metallic objects like the hardware on this table. Metallic objects need to be painted first with a product called Prime Start. This protects the metal from damage when the chemical reaction begins.

Farmhouse Green Table | Painted by All Things New Again | Leesburg VA

Farmhouse Green is now my favorite of Dixie Belle Paint Company’s new colors  … until I open a jar of In the Navy or Aubergine and fall in love!

~ Courtney

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All Things New Again is a boutique furniture store and paint studio in Leesburg, Virginia (about an hour or so west of Washington, D.C.) and an authorized retailer of Dixie Belle Paint Company.

Gain the skills and confidence to paint like a pro at our Learn How to Paint Furniture Class.

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A Fresh Look for Furniture with Farmhouse Green | All Things New Again, Leesburg VA | Dixie Belle Paint Co. Retailer

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    1. Thank you! It took me a minute to warm up to it, but I love the color now too! 🙂 ~ Courtney

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