If you follow us on Facebook, you may have seen some of the new items we brought to All Things New Again last week. (If you don’t follow us yet, what are you waiting for? Just click that little button at the top of the page!)

Between the holidays and the studio/classroom renovation, it has been a while since we’ve gone treasure hunting. My dad, Joey and I took a quick day trip last week and came home with some cool finds we wanted to share with you today.


Most of the items we packed into that trailer can now be found upstairs in our You Make It New Again Flea Market. Some things need a little TLC (OK–some things need a lot of TLC!) That’s where you come in!

If you are a painter looking for your next project, please add All Things New Again in Leesburg, Virginia to your list of treasure hunting hot spots. We have a little bit of everything and we strive to keep our prices low.

We want our painter friends to find great deals here!

If you have no interest in ever picking up a paint brush, but you like a flea market piece you see up here…no problem! We will paint it for you exactly how you want it.

We want our non-painter friends to find great deals here too!

Here’s how it works.

All of our flea market items have two prices. The first is a discount “as is” price—great for DIY’ers. The second “we paint” price covers everything we need to work with you to create a unique masterpiece for your home. We don’t believe in charging extra for custom work. The prices for our custom-painted items are comparable to the finished pieces in our downstairs showrooms.

We are really excited about this two-price system because we think it is a fair way for everybody to find a great deal and go home with the perfect thing!

Now let’s get on with the fun part—showing you our new finds!

* * *

Vintage 1940’s era chifferobe
As Is: $175 –or– We Paint: $399

This vintage chifferobe from the 1940’s is my favorite thing we brought home last week.

Chifferobes are handy hybrids with drawers and space for hanging clothes. I can see this one all glammed up in the Hollywood Regency style or painted in funky colors like this one .

Dresser with mirror (not pictured) matches chifferobe
As Is: $150 –or– We Paint: $299

We lucked out and also scored this matching dresser. (A mirror is included in the price of the dresser but not shown in the photo.)

The hardware on both pieces is original and unlike anything you will find in stores these days. I think that’s why I like these babies so much– because they have great vintage bling!

* * *

I can never pass up a little table. They are just so much fun to paint and they don’t take up much room in the van. Both of these little tables would make great decoupage projects.

Unique 3-level mid-century side table
As Is: $24 –or– We Paint: $65
Round 2-level side table
As Is: $24 –or– We Paint: $65
Vintage military storage chest
As Is: $40 –or– We Paint: $75

*  *  *

We also found this rustic wooden storage chest with metal strapping around the sides. The exterior was painted blue (a long time ago!) but the inside still looks a little army green.

Our resident military expert (that would be G, my Army veteran husband) says it looks like the type of box they used to haul lights to locations in the field. Sounds good to me! If you are going for an industrial look, this would make a cool coffee table as is. With a fresh paint job, it would also look great at the foot of a bed.

*  *  *

I told you earlier that most of our new items are in our upstairs flea market. Not these beauties—they are awfully heavy!

Fabulously Chippy Old Mantle
Only Sold As Is: $225
Unfinished Old Mantle
Only Sold As Is: $50

chippy_mantle_closeupMy Mom never ever passes up a good deal on a mantle—especially one as fabulously chippy as this one—so Daddy and I grabbed these on her behalf.

Both mantles are only sold as is.

The chippy one is in excellent structural condition and displays this wonderful timeworn finish that we don’t have the heart to paint over.


Although the unfinished one is sturdy, as you can see here, it has some issues with the legs and is priced accordingly. We know there is a handy person out there who will figure out something awesome to do with it!

*  *  *

That’s everything!

Remember: We sell American Paint Company all-natural products so you can pick up your paint along with your next project. This stuff is great for painting inside during winter weather because it does not have any harmful chemicals or stinky fumes.

And if you pick up a project at All Things New Again, please share photos of your finished masterpiece on our Facebook page. The only thing more fun than treasure hunting is seeing all of the wonderful things everybody does with their new treasures!

Happy Painting!

~ Courtney

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