Do we have awesome gift ideas for furniture painters? Heck yeah, we do!

Here is our newly updated 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Furniture Painters with 15 awesome gift ideas for furniture painters they are sure to love. (#8 is A-mazing!)

Happy Holidays from all of your furniture-painting friends here at All Things New Again!

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15 Awesome Gift Ideas for Furniture Painters

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1. Paint (Of course!)

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Let’s start with the obvious.

Paint is one of the most perfect gift ideas for furniture painters!

Smaller-size paints for most brands are usually around $12 — and provide plenty of paint for furniture projects.

Stock up on their favorite colors. Or try something new.

Dixie Belle Paint Company is the no-VOC chalk/mineral paint we sell at our store All Things New Again in Leesburg, Virginia. Dixie Belle offers 60+ beautiful colors along with all kinds of fun products to make your next paint project stunning. (The Patina Collection is one of our favorites!)

Here’s the link to Dixie Belle’s full product line.

Dixie Belle also has a super-cute gift bags featuring their most popular paint colors already wrapped up and ready for your Favorite Furniture Painter to open.

Can’t decide on a color? Most local paint retailers (including All Things New Again!) offer gift certificates or gift cards. Your Favorite Furniture Painter will love going on a paint shopping spree after the holidays.

2. Online Furniture Painting Class

Your Favorite Furniture Painter can take their skills to the next level with our new online Learn How to Paint Furniture Class! Get hands-on practice painting along with me from the comfort of your home. We will combine a dozen techniques into three distinct painted furniture looks (plus lots of ideas and inspiration for switching up the basics to create a look for every decorating style!)

As part of enrollment, we’ll also send you a kit with sample boards and supplies to get started.

Here’s the link to sign up.

Learn How to Paint Furniture | online furniture painting class

3. Adjustable Rolling Stool

15 Awesome Gifts for Furniture Painters | Gift Ideas for Furniture Painters

Your Favorite Furniture Painter’s back and knees will thank you for this awesome gift. Seriously.

This is the rolling stool we use in our studio. It is sturdy, rolls nicely and can hold up to 300 pounds. Plus it has a handy tray on bottom for holding supplies.

Our only complaint is the seat pops off sometimes if you pick it up by the seat. It’s easy to get back on.

Here’s a fancier adjustable rolling stool option with a handle built into the seat and a tray that spins around to easily reach all of your supplies. We haven’t tried this stool out, but it gets good reviews, is rated up to 400 pounds and looks pretty comfy.

Rolling Stool | Awesome Gift for Furniture Painters
Dear Mom, Don’t freak out! I’m not *actually* painting the vintage dresser you’ve been working on all week. It’s just a Dramatic Re-Creation so people can see how nicely the adjustable rolling stool works for painting furniture.

4. Portable Work Bench

This is the little work bench I use out in my garage. One little work bench is great for small projects like side tables or chairs. Use two to support larger projects. Mine are buried underneath a few half-painted projects right now. (OK–more than a few.) But they are lightweight to move around and fold up to store out of the way when not in use. I assembled mine all by myself and only said a few bad words so the assembly wasn’t too hard. 🙂

5. ReDesign with Prima Furniture Transfers

ReDesign with Prima | furniture transfers | furniture painting | retailer

Furniture transfers are one of our favorite gift ideas for furniture painters.

They are such an easy way to add a whole new level of artistry to painted furniture.

And they come in so many different colors and styles, there’s something for everyone.

Here’s my tutorial

How to Apply a ReDesign with Prima Furniture Transfer in 5 Easy Steps

Painted Furniture for Sale | All Things New Again | Leesburg VA | Washington DC

6. Paint Sprayer

Homeright Finish Max paint sprayer | gift ideas for furniture painters

I used to have a lot of excuses why I didn’t want to use a paint sprayer … then I tried one! (You can read about my first paint sprayer experience here.) It was easy to figure out, easy to clean up and created a beautiful smooth finish.

A paint sprayer is a huge time saver, especially on large jobs or any chair with a million spindles.  This HomeRight Sprayer is a nice “starter sprayer” because it is lightweight and does not require a separate air compressor.

7. Spray Paint Tent

I have a confession to make. (Don’t tell my mom.) She gave me a Spray Paint Tent like this one for Christmas last year. I put it in my garage to use when the weather got warmer. It’s still out there. Somewhere. I sprayed directly on my lawn all summer. (Don’t tell my husband.) Never mind. The grass is purple. They both already know. I promise to find my spray paint tent and use it in 2021. Pinkie swear.

8. Hydraulic Table Cart

Do you struggle to move furniture into and out of your vehicle? Or get down on the floor to paint the bottom of things? Me too.

Check this out. Game changer.

More Gift Ideas for Furniture Painters

9. Shop Vacuum

A shop vacuum is a must-have item for furniture painters. This 6.5-gallon wet/dry vac is nice because it is not too big, not too small … and also includes a filter and dust collection bag.

10. Nail/Staple Gun + Air Compressor

I use my pneumatic nail gun for many furniture makeover projects, including repairing or replacing the backs of dressers and creating pallet wood tabletops. (Just be careful around vintage china cabinets! You can read about that debacle here.)

pallet wood furniture | how to make a tabletop from pallet wood

I was a little intimidated by my nail gun at first, but I’m over that now. Before nailing into any project, I practice on scrap wood to get the adjustment just right.

The stapler is awesome for re-covering fabric on chair seats. It is so much easier to just pa-ching, pa-ching the staples in place with one hand instead of wearing your hands out squeezing an old-school stapler.

This is the Combo Kit I have. It’s nice because it comes with the air compressor and everything you need to get started. The nail and staple guns that come with it are heavy-duty enough for all of my furniture repairs.

11. Multi-tool

Dremel multi tool | gifts for furniture painters

I bought a multi-tool for my husband last Christmas and I use it WAY more than he does!

It is light-weight and easy to swap out attachments. I love the flush-cut saw for furniture repairs. You can make quick cuts in some weird angles without dragging out a big saw. The sander attachment is also handy. We use the metal blade to trim screws on hardware.

This Multi-Tool Kit from Dremel is nice because it includes everything you need to get started. Extra saw blades and other attachments make great stocking stuffers.

12. Sanders

If you are a Furniture Painter, then you are a Furniture Sander. There’s no way around it. My go-to sanders for furniture makeovers are a random orbital sander like this one that I use when I need to erase heavy scratches and/or sand a tabletop down to bare wood. My little dust bag thingie popped off and is somewhere out in the garage with my Spray Paint Tent. This random orbital sander looks like it has a more durable dust-collection canister built into it. I haven’t tried it so I don’t know if it is better, but it gets good reviews from people who have used it so I’m putting it on here. I hate sanding dust!

My other go-to sander for furniture makeovers is my little mouse sander. It is lightweight, easy to control and the iron-shaped tip can get into corners and tight spaces where the random orbital sander doesn’t fit. A mouse sander is a great tool and a good sander to start with if you are just getting into furniture painting. You can include extra sandpaper in different grits and dust masks as stocking stuffers.

13. Hand Truck/ Dolly

Cosco Hand Truck | Every furniture painter needs one of these!

This may not be the sexiest present ever, but holy-moly is it ever useful!

We love our Cosco 3-in-1 Hand Truck that we use for hauling all kinds of furniture everywhere.

It can be used as a regular ol’ dolly for taller pieces like dressers, but it also has an extra set of wheels that drop down for extra support and stability.

We have two porch steps to maneuver whenever we bring anything into or out of All Things New Again. Those extra wheels really come in handy, especially on heavier furniture! This cart can also convert into a 4-wheel cart.

moving furniture | Holiday Gift Guide for Furniture Painters
All Things New Again Holiday Gift Guide

14. Folding Push Cart/ Hand Truck

folding cart | hand truck | moving furniture

Here’s a less expensive—but equally handy!—option for moving and hauling your painted furniture.

We use our folding push cart/hand truck like this one almost daily. It is really useful for moving all kinds of items.

All Things New AGain | Leesburg, VA
Special thanks to my Dad for moving this buffet TWICE so I could get photos for the 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Furniture Painters!
* * *

Not Glamorous, But Totally Practical Gifts for Furniture Painters

15. Heating Pad

This isn’t a glamorous gift, but trust me. Your Favorite Furniture Painter needs it! After all of that painting and lifting and delivering beautiful painted furniture, your Favorite Furniture Painter’s muscles are sore. My neck and shoulder were hurting so bad from furniture painting, I started going to a chiropractor last year. She recommended this heating pad.

It’s pricey, but — oh my! — is it ever worth it! I love it so much, I bought one for my mom for Christmas. She won’t like it … until her back starts hurting! Then she will think it is one of the best gifts for furniture painters ever. Your Favorite Furniture Painter will think so too!

~ Courtney

Happy Holidays from all of us at All Things New Again! <3 <3 <3

All Things New Again is a family-owned furniture and paint boutique located in Leesburg, Virginia, about an hour or so west of Washington, D.C. We sell hand-painted furniture, home decor and several lines of paint for your next DIY project. Our new ONLINE Learn How to Paint Furniture Class is open for enrollment. Click here to sign up today!

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