With Halloween coming up next weekend, we thought it would be fun to go on a little Halloween Home Tour.

mom big spiderLet’s start at my Mom’s house. Come on in! Don’t let the giant spider get ya!

Our little kids love this guy. He dangles from the top of the stairs and his legs go aaaaaaaallllllll the way down to the floor in the entry.

They love to run through through the front door and immediately get tangled up in soft, furry spider legs.

Since when did spiders become lovable cuddly things? Ick! If they ever start making giant cuddly-cute stinkbugs, I’m in big trouble.

My mom has been on a bit of a spider kick the past few Halloweens. She has a bunch of spiders like this one all over the house. They look great against her black lace spiderweb curtains and, of course, all of that spider web stringy stuff in the windows.

mom spider3If you have ever wondered how my Mom got so good at creating beautiful displays in the shop, she got her start creating beautiful displays of holiday decorations at home. Of course, Christmas is Mom’s favorite, but Halloween is a close second.

Here’s a grouping of some of her favorite “witchy” things.

photo 1 copyThese Spooky Eyes are peeking out from my sister Colleen’s house.

spooky eyesAren’t they cool? She got them at Lowes, but also saw some at Target. I looked, but they didn’t have any at the Target by my house so I might just steal hers the next time I’m over. 🙂

Here’s another great Halloween idea I stole from my sister.

photo 2Colleen replaces her regular family photos with a special Halloween edition each October. This is a great way to remember cute costumes and fun times.

Here’s one more photo from Colleen’s house. The cabinets above her kitchen sink have glass doors. She redecorates this space with a different theme each month. October, November, December—easy peasy months. You should see some of the cool themes she comes up with in months where there isn’t a big holiday to decorate around.

photo 4I don’t change things up every month, but I do get out my orange plates in October and sprinkle in a few Halloween items to jazz them up. Here’s my hutch right now.


And my kitchen table. We eat dinner every night by the light of the pumpkins and try not to get too much orange glitter in our food.

DSC_0015 2I was never very big on those window cling thingees, but they have become my go-to decorations for every holiday recently. They are super-cheap and it is super-fun for my 3-year-old to help decorate with them so now I like them a lot. They do make the place look festive.

Last year I shared with you my crappy homemade pumpkins and why they were my favorite decorations.

DSC_0002Well, this year I have a new favorite decoration—this lovely lady!

When you walk by, she yells, “Boo!” and cackles really loudly. We have a lot of fun scaring each other by making her laugh.

The other day I suggested we give her a name. Joey took a good long look at her from her crazy eye down to the wart on her big crooked nose.

“I know!” he said. “Let’s name her Mommy!”

Happy Halloween!

~ Courtney


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  1. I love seeing all your cute, clever and creative decorations! Puts me in the “spirit” 🙂 Happy Halloween, y’all!

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