How to Get Five Star Backyard Seating on A No-Tell Motel Budget

Have you priced outdoor furniture lately?

It costs almost as much as a living room set!

I am way too cheap to pay that much for patio furniture that is going to sit outside in the heat, endure summertime thunderstorms and get stacked up in my shed all winter. No way!

These chaise lounges cost $10 each.

But they looked like they came from a low-budget No Tell Motel.

Outdoor Seating | Outdoor Furniture | Patio Furniture Makeover | DIY | Deck FurnitureIt’s amazing what a little Soft Scrub and spray paint can do!

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My mom convinced me to buy the loungers and transform them into 5 Star Backyard Seating. She bought a set too. Look how beautiful her chairs are now after my dad cleaned them up and spray painted them sage green.

Lounge Chairs | Outdoor Seating | Backyard Furniture | Patio Furniture | Deck Seating

I chose red for mine to match the throw pillows on my patio love seat (purchased a few years ago with a Bed Bath and Beyond 20% OFF coupon!). I bought new lounge chair cushions at Walmart for $32 each. They have big red flowers on them to tie everything together.

Krylon Fusion Spraypaint for PlasticI used Krylon Fusion spray paint for this project in a high-gloss red.

This paint is great because it doesn’t require much prep (other than scrubbing the heck out of these chairs first because they were really dirty!)

Most importantly, Krylon Fusion sticks to plastic.

It dries in 15 minutes.

I flipped the chairs over and did the bottoms first to get underneath all of those little slats. By the time I finished the second chair, the first one was dry enough to flip over and paint the top.

Spray paint is an easy and inexpensive way to freshen up outdoor patio furniture.Look at that big difference already!

Krylon Spray Paint | DIY | Outdoor Furniture | Patio Furniture | Home and Garden

I bought four cans of spray paint for this project and thought that would be plenty.

Then I broke two of my three

Very Important Spray Painting Rules.

1. Don’t spray paint on a breezy day.

This one should be a no-brainer, but I did it anyway. I’m impatient and wanted to get this project done. Also, I have a short window for working while my son naps in the afternoon or else I would break Very Important Spray Painting Rule #2.

2. Don’t spray paint with a 2-year-old running around.

Just don’t. You will be sorry.

3. Spray in short controlled bursts—just like it tells you to do on the can.

Don’t hold your finger down on the trigger manically spraying back and forth and all over the place like you were applying Aqua Net to your Big 80’s Hair. This technique is ineffective and it wastes paint, but I get carried away and I do it anyway. Every time.

My dad follows these Very Important Spray Painting Rules. He only used three cans of paint on my mom’s chairs plus a little side table.

I ended up going back to the store for Can #5. (That’s $8 I could have saved on those two extra cans if I would only ever learn to follow the rules.)

Even so, I still spent less on two lounge chairs AND cushions than I would have spent on just one chair alone purchased new.

Here they are!
Five-star seating for my backyard on a no-tell motel budget!

How to Get 5 Star Backyard Seating on a No-Tell Motel Budget | Patio Furniture | DIY | Outdoor Furniture BUDGET

  • Chairs ($10 each)……………………….$20
  • 5 cans of spray paint ($4 each)……….$20
  • Cushions ($32 each)……………………$64


Happy Summer!

~ Courtney

26 thoughts on “How To Get Five-Star Backyard Seating On A No-Tell Motel Budget

  1. The chairs look great! I’m inspired 🙂 Your newsletter is always so much fun to read and the descriptions are spot on!

  2. Im sure he would have a fit that two thingies are broke.Love the green chairs. How many do you have? What hotel was he at that you got too nab great diy chairs. LOL

      1. He may not but he has his nose in every nook and cranny. Got to love him though.

  3. Nice update! I would not have thought to paint the plastic weaving the this style lounge chair. Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a lovely week! ~Deborah

  4. Oh wow those look Great! Weve been wanting some new patio furniture, but we wont pay the price either. Yall got a good buy, and did a great job on them. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do.

    1. Hi Linda! I’m with you. NO way I’m paying that much for outdoor furniture! Can you believe I almost passed over these loungers? My mom talked me into them and I’m so glad she did. We’ve had them a few summers now and they still look really good. ~Courtney

  5. That works for me. They turned out so lovely Courtney. I love that beautiful vibrant red

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