All Things New Again is growing!

We are really excited to meet all of the new people who find our shop here in Leesburg, VA as well as people from all over who follow our adventures online. In addition to our All Things New Again Blog, we are now on Facebook, Pinterest and we started an Instagram account a few weeks ago. We have a lot of fun sharing our projects across so many channels.

Isn’t technology amazing?

All Things New Again is growing in other ways as well.

We recently expanded our paint selection to give our customers more options for creating beautiful projects at home. We are very excited to be carrying The Real Milk Paint Co. environmentally friendly, non-toxic milk paint.


I will be honest with you. I am new to using milk paint myself and I still have a lot to learn … but I am having so much fun figuring it out!

Milk paint comes in powdered form. You mix it with water to create the paint. I think part of the reason why I’ve never tried milk paint before is this whole “mixing the paint” process seemed daunting to me.

It isn’t!

You mix the paint powder in a 1:1 ratio with the water. In other words, add a scoop of paint to the same size scoop of warm water, stir it (or shake it up in a Mason jar), let it sit for a few minutes for the bubbles to settle—and you are ready to paint.

It really is that easy to get started.

Milk paint sticks nicely to raw wood and leaves a smooth finish. Here are before and after shots of an old wooden toolbox Dave painted.

toolboxred toolboxThat’s how it looks on unfinished wood. If you are painting a wooden piece that already has a finish on it, the milk paint will create a beautiful natural chipping effect. You can see this fabulous chippy look on these tables I recently painted with Real Milk Paint Co. paint. I didn’t do much to prep these pieces other then clean them really well because I wanted to see what the milk paint would do. It chipped away—and I like it a lot!

yellow milk paint table1

tropical jade milk paint table1


If that chippy look isn’t your style, that’s OK. We are also carrying a product called Ultra Bond that you add to your milk paint to promote better adhesion and a smoother finish. Ultra Bond is also recommended if you are painting over a piece previously painted with latex paint.

I know there are people out there who cringe whenever we paint a piece of wood. Now we have a product for you guys too! Real Milk Paint Company’s Hemp Oil is an all-natural solvent-free oil that can be used on bare wood or to revive old wood finishes. It can also be used to seal milk paint projects and is what I used on all three tables here. It goes on smoothly and leaves a really nice finish.

I am still learning about these products, but I am very happy with the projects I have completed so far. I am excited to share what I learn with you here on the blog … and in person too. We will be adding milk paint classes to our schedule of paint classes and workshops in the future so stay tuned!


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