unicorn-spit-stain-press-technique_all-things-new-again_leesburg-va_www-allthingsnewagain-netEveryone knows how much we love to play with Unicorn Spit, the non-toxic rainbow gel stain and glaze we carry here at All Things New Again in Leesburg, Virginia.

Did you know we also love teaching people how to create gorgeous looks with it?

All Things New Again is the only shop in the Northern Virginia/ metro DC area offering an Introduction to Unicorn Spit class. Our next class coming up this Sunday is full. We are looking forward to a really fun (and messy!) time. Space in our class is limited so we are putting the date of our next-next class out there now so you have plenty of time to sign up.

Please join us for our Introduction to Unicorn Spit class on Sunday, March 19.
You can find all the details and register online right here.

Now if you have never heard of Unicorn Spit before, the best way to explain it is to show you how awesome it is. This is the latest Unicorn Spit project from Heather who took our class over the summer.

heather_unicorn-spit-bench_logoUnicorn Spit transforms ordinary objects into one-of-a-kind works of art. Used as a stain over bare, sanded-down wood, the beautiful Unicorn Spit colors soak into the wood while still revealing the grain.

But Unicorn Spit is also a glaze. That means you can apply it over painted furniture to add another layer of dimension to your piece and make all of the colors pop.

That’s what Cathy did with two of her recent projects. She painted these Fiery Sunset Nightstands in red, orange and yellow. After the paint dried, she applied corresponding colors of Unicorn Spit on top of each painted area to accentuate the colors and give these once ho-hum nightstands a vibrant new look.

Now they are functional AND pretty!



Here’s another piece Cathy created with the same technique, this time a cute little bookcase with pretty swirls of blue and just a splash of green.



Dave is an awesome “spitter” too!

This is a storage bench he built recently from a vintage U.S. Army artillery box. He used Unicorn Spit as a glaze over his paint job to give the piece a little more pizazz.


There are so many fun things you can do with this product. We’ll teach you four techniques in our class to get you started. Then you can go home and create your own. Experimenting with Unicorn Spit is all part of the fun!

* * *

All Things New Again is a family-owned furniture and paint boutique in Leesburg, Virginia, about an hour or so west of Washington, D.C. We offer our own eclectic brand of hand painted furniture along with painting classes and workshops. We are the only shop in the Northern Virginia/metro DC area offering Unicorn Spit classes—and we always have a lot of fun! Click here for details.

NEW! Buy Unicorn Spit online right here. We’ll be happy to ship it to you.

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  1. My favorite wood stain ever. All the projects are so gorgeous, nothing beats the vibrant colors. Now I just wish I wasn’t all the way across the world so I could come to one of your courses.

    1. Hi Ellen, Unfortunately, I don’t know when we will be hosting classes again. We don’t have the space in our studio to spread out to maintain social distancing. So for now, our in-person classes are on hold. I do have several Unicorn Spit tutorials posted here on our blog. And you are welcome to join the All Things New Again Artisans Group over on Facebook. I have a bunch of Unicorn Spit video tutorials posted there. If you have any questions about any techniques, I’m happy to answer them. ~ Courtney

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