I love my job.

I love everything about it from the thrill of treasure hunting to figuring out how to transform junky old furniture into something new again. I love the act of painting—it’s like therapy for me. There is just something so satisfying about creating a beautiful piece that somebody else is going to fall in love with, take home and cherish for years to come.

It’s true I love all of that, but my absolute #1 favorite thing about my job has nothing to do with paint or furniture—or even shopping.

What I love best are all of the people who make All Things New Again such a wonderful place.

We have the best customers in the whole world—and I’m so grateful to call you all my friends.

I wanted to share with you today what some of my friends have been painting. This is so exciting! Amy, Lisa and Lucy have all taken our Learn How To Paint Furniture class—and look at what beautiful things they created with the skills they learned.

(YOU can do this too! We’ll teach you how. Keep reading for details.)

* * *

Amy pallet rackAmy brought this little pallet wood rack to one of our Thursday Night Paint Parties a few months ago. We loved the idea so much, we totally copied it and built a few racks of our own from our pile of pallets out back. We also love how Amy painted hers all hot pink and fabulous and then added these hooks to make it more functional. Pretty and practical!

* * *

Lisa has been painting the town red. Well, not the whole town—just some really fabulous pieces for her home. I love this red milk can!

Lisa red milk can

And this cute red cabinet…

Lisa red cabinet

These were pieces Lisa already had at home. Aren’t they stunning with their red makeovers?

* * *

Here’s another radiant red project.

Lucy red and black desk

When Lucy bought this desk “as is” from our stash of furniture at the Top of the Shop, it had already been painted black. She added a layer of red then distressed the entire piece so the red and black blend together beautifully.

Lucy learned this skill in our class—and accomplished it at home like a pro! This is a really beautiful look.

Here’s another one of Lucy’s masterpieces.

Lucy table after

This is another table she bought at the Top of the Shop.

(We have great stuff up there. Have you checked it out lately? You never know what you will find.)

Here’s the before shot. It’s hard to believe this is the same table.

Lucy table before

Lucy painted the legs a soft white and lightly distressed around the edges for the perfect timeworn look. She liked the legs so much, she decided to remove one of the drop-leaves so the legs would be more visible. Then she stained the tabletop.

Lucy table closeup

Lucy table

I love this look so much. It is so classic, yet it completely updates this table for today’s styles. What a fantastic job!

* * *

Thank you to Amy, Lisa and Lucy for sharing your projects with us—and thank you to everybody who has taken our classes and workshops.

Now … remember I said YOU can do this too? YOU CAN!!

We offer a Learn How to Paint Furniture class every month. No prior painting experience is necessary. We will teach you everything you need to go home and start transforming furniture and other fabulous finds into your own works of art like Amy, Lisa and Lucy are doing.

And we are always available to answer questions or offer advice if you start a project at home and find you need a little more help.

We want you to be successful!
We want you to have fun!

And we want to see all of the wonderful ideas you come up with so please share your projects over on our Facebook page.

We would love to see them!

~ Cathy

Learn How to Paint Furniture classes are held every month here at All Things New Again in Leesburg, Virginia. We jam-pack one afternoon with tons of information, hands-on painting and a cute project you paint in class to take home and enjoy. Our students leave with the skills—and confidence—to go home and start painting like a pro! Sign up right here on our website. Here’s the link.

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