DSC_0010I hear the same complaints as you do about the retail world rushing the holiday season. Christmas trees up before school even starts! Carols playing in October! Rush … Rush … RUSH!

Well … It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at All Things New Again in Leesburg too!


DSC_0011I must confess I started my Christmas displays before Halloween last week. I have to because …


Midnight Madness is our annual Thanksgiving night party—and it is always a lot of fun! We are really excited this year because it is our 10th Annual Midnight Madness and we have a lot of new surprises planned. You won’t want to miss it.

If you are new to All Things New Again, here are the details about our Midnight Madness event. On Thanksgiving night, we open the shop from 8 pm to midnight. We offer free refreshments, prizes—and 10% OFF ALL FURNITURE AND HOME DECOR—all night long!

Now I’ve also heard a complaint or two about so many retail stores being open on Thanksgiving, forcing employees to spend time away from their families on this special holiday. I would just like to point out that the only people I’m “forcing” to work here are Dave and Courtney, my husband and daughter, so our family will be together all day AND all night! 🙂

As I said earlier, this is our 10th anniversary of Midnight Madness. We started this event at our former shop, Sawdust Specialties, as a way to get the holiday shopping season started in a fun way. (Really, I just wanted to get out of doing the dishes!)

We did this long before all of the big box stores jumped on board. We are trendsetters! Midnight Madness has not only become an annual Thanksgiving tradition for our family, but for a lot of our customers and their families as well. We aren’t going to let a little Internet grumbling about working on Thanksgiving stop us from throwing a good party.

We start at 8 pm so you have plenty of time to enjoy the day with your family, but when you are tired of turkey, done with dishes and fed up with football, come on over and see us at Midnight Madness!

We always have a lot of fun.

~ Cathy

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