Milk Paint for Control Freaks Like Us_All Things New Again_Leesburg VAI love so many things about milk paint. It is non-toxic, comes in dozens of gorgeous colors and makes everything you paint with it look pretty.

aqua chair_closeup1However, because I might be a teeny-tiny bit of am a control freak, there is one big thing I don’t like about it.

Milk paint can be unpredictable.

Sometimes you get a wonderfully shabby chippy effect that looks like the paint has been happily peeling away for 100 years.

And sometimes you don’t.

I’m sure there is some science behind it. But who has time for science when you have a garage full of furniture to paint? And who has time to be disappointed with a project because it didn’t chip exactly the way you wanted it too? Not me!

Real Milk Paint, the line of earth-friendly milk paints that we carry at our shop All Things New Again in Leesburg, Virginia, has two products to make milk paint super-easy to use, especially for control freaks like me.

Now you can create that chippy look EXACTLY WHERE YOU WANT IT with Real Milk Paint’s new Chippy Paste. (This stuff is AMAZING!)

Or if you prefer a more elegant finish, you can skip the chips altogether with UltraBond.

Let’s talk about UltraBond first. It is an “adhesion promotor” that helps your milk paint stick better so you have a smoother finish. I added a little UltraBond to Real Milk Paint’s Soft White on the cherry blossom table makeover I shared with you last week. (I used sandpaper to distress around the edges after the paint dried.)

cherry blossom table_top

cherry blossom tableUltraBond did the trick. No chips here!

* * *

My mom is a big fan of the chips.

pale salmon chest of drawers

tropical jade milk paint table1But until now, she had no way to CONTROL where the chips would show up after the paint dried.

And that bugged her.

(Yep, my mom might be a teeny-tiny bit of is a control freak too.)

Introducing Real Milk Paint’s Chippy Paste …

Chippy Paste is an all-natural water-based product that lets YOU decide how rustic or chippy to make your project.

That’s right—it’s all up to YOU! And that is great news for control freaks like us!

(It’s OK to admit you might be a teeny-tiny bit of are a control freak. You’re in good company.)

Real Milk Paint Chippy Paste close-up Chippy Paste is easy to use, even for beginners. Start by painting a base color of Real Milk Paint. My mom used her favorite Warm Ash on the legs of this table and the dresser I’ll show you in a minute.

Then apply the Chippy Paste any place where you want to see fabulous chips and flakes. The thicker you apply the Chippy Paste, the more chipping will occur.

This part is important:

A little bit of

Real Milk Paint’s Chippy Paste


Let the Chippy Paste dry for about 30 minutes then come back with your top color. My mom used Soft White on both of her projects here. (You can never go wrong with Soft White!) When the top color dries, rub the surface with a scrubby sponge to reveal the fabulous chippiness you just created.

It’s that easy!

Real Milk Paint Chippy Paste TableThis dresser is still a work-in-progress, but you can see how the Chippy Paste did such a nice job—exactly where my mom applied it.

Real Milk Paint Chippy Paste dresser top

Real Milk Paint Chippy Paste dresser closeupThanks to Real Milk Paint’s new Chippy Paste, now there’s no more unpredictability with milk paint. No more being disappointed that a project didn’t chip the way you wanted it to.

Now YOU are the boss when it comes to using milk paint.

And that’s great news for teeny-tiny control freaks like us.

~ Courtney

All Things New Again is a family-owned furniture and paint boutique located in Leesburg, VA about an hour or so west of Washington, DC. We offer several lines of non-toxic, easy-to-use paints for your next DIY project, including Real Milk Paint. We also offer an Introduction to Real Milk Paint class to help you create a variety of beautiful looks with this versatile product line. Click here for our current class schedule.

* * *

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