We moved into our home a few years before all of these awesome easy-to-use furniture paints came on the market. At the time, it took a lot of work to paint furniture with latex paint.

I really wanted white furniture, but I did not want to go to all the trouble of stripping and sanding and priming and painting and painting some more just to transform wood furniture into the crisp white look I wanted.

So I went the easy route. I bought a bunch of white furniture at Ikea.

living room1

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I know a lot of Hoity-Toity Furniture People might not ever consider owning anything assembled with an Allen wrench, but not me! I like my Ikea furniture.

(And I love the tasty meatballs and chocolate cake at the Ikea cafeteria.)

These days painting furniture is so easy—especially with Dixie Belle Paints, the chalk/mineral paint we carry at our shop All Things New Again in Leesburg, Virginia.

Now I want to add color to everything.

Also, my 4-year-old was practicing writing his name and somehow made little blue dots all over my white coffee table with a permanent marker. It didn’t scrub off.

IMG_4648(“Practicing writing his name” might be a stretch. I think he was just making little blue dots all over my white coffee table. But, hey, the dots match my navy blue sofa!)

Dixie Belle Paint to the rescue!

I opened a can of Bunker Hill Blue, one of Dixie Belle’s new colors. This is a rich, dark blue and one of my favorites. Check out the china cabinet my mom painted this color. She decoupaged napkins onto the drawers and added lace to the inside. This piece is gorgeous!

(It is also SOLD! But we do custom painting too and are happy to give you a quote if you have a project you would like painted this color.)

blue hutch at shopI didn’t feel like painting my entire table. I just painted the edge around the glass to frame the top in blue. Dixie Belle Paint adheres to pressed wood laminate just as nicely as it adheres to real wood.

No sanding or priming needed on most projects.

The first coat of Bunker Hill Blue covered up all of those little blue Sharpee dots. It took about 20 minutes. With latex paint, darker colors often require multiple coats to get even coverage. It took just two coats of self-leveling Dixie Belle Paint and I had a beautiful finish. I sealed the blue with Dixie Belle’s Satin Clear Coat to protect it from spills and grubby little fingerprints.

mini makeover_coffee table closeupI love this color!

mini makeover_coffee table

mini makeover_coffee table3

mini makeover_coffee table2After my mini-makeover was finished, I confiscated the blue permanent marker. He will just have to “practice writing his name” with pencil from now on!

~ Courtney

* * *

All Things New Again is a family-owned furniture and paint boutique in Leesburg, Virginia (about an hour or so west of Washington, D.C.). We find old beat-up furniture and we make it beautiful again. We also carry several lines of no VOC, easy-to-use paints for your next DIY project, including Dixie Belle Paints. 

We host a Learn How to Paint Furniture Class every month at our studio in Leesburg  You practice several techniques, learn about finishing options and play with glazes. Then you paint a cute project in class to take home and enjoy. Our students go home with the skills—and the confidence—to start painting furniture like a pro. You can do it … Sign up today!


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