When I was asked to be a judge for the July Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest, I knew I was going to have a lot of fun checking out all of the amazing entries. What I didn’t realize was how difficult it would be. All of the entries were pretty darn fabulous … but that’s why they don’t call it the Just OK Furniture Flippin’ Contest, right?

This month’s contest was sponsored by Unicorn Spit, a new non-toxic, rainbow gel stain/glaze we are now carrying at our shop, All Things New Again in Leesburg, VA and right here in our online store. (We also offer an Introduction to Unicorn Spit class.)

The contest theme was Let Your Colors Burst. I think every color in the rainbow was represented in this contest—in some very creative ways.

The winner is …

Letitia Grace Lauer of Uniquely Grace with her wonderfully unique—and wonderfully colorful—nesting tables nicknamed Oscar the Octopus. The technique Letitia used on the background of these tables was stunning by itself, but then she added Oscar for a pop of all-out fun. Check this out!

Oscar-The-Octopus-logo-Nesting-Table-Set-Handpainted-Uniquely-Grace-Shabby-Paints-Chalk-Paint-night-stand-end-table-225x300I love how she extended one of the tentacles down the leg of the big table. Letitia wins an entire set of all 10 colors of Unicorn Spit. Isn’t that an awesome prize?

Congratulations Letitia!

* * *

Here are two of my other favorite contest entries—both created using Unicorn Spit.

Jessica Cramer from Designers Sweet Spot engineered her own centrifuge to create the design on this outdoor table with Unicorn Spit. How clever is that? And beautiful too! Check out Jessica’s blog for a video on the process.


* * *

Brenda Young from Unique Junktique really nailed the side-by-side aura blast technique using Unicorn Spit on this art horse bench she rescued from the trash behind an art school. Her colors blend together perfectly. This is one of the techniques we teach in our Intro to Unicorn Spit class.


Special thank you to Stacy from Anastasia Vintage for asking me to be one of the guest judges for this month’s contest! Check out Stacy’s blog along with the blogs of all of her amazingly talented co-hosts: Evey from Evey’s Creations, Charlotte from Ciburbanity, Lynn from Fern Avenue (Lynn recently appeared on the TV show Flea Market Flip. How cool is that?), Carrie from Thirty Eighth Street and Michelle from Dandelion Patina.

Thank you ladies! It was a pleasure to be part of the contest this month.

FFFC post graphic final (png)

<3 Courtney

* * *

Now here’s the scoop on our Introduction to Unicorn Spit class at All Things New Again in Leesburg, VA. The class is $99 and is limited to three people so sign up today by calling us at 703-779-2991 or signing up online here. Please wear paint clothes because this class is MESSY! Here are examples of the techniques we will be working on.

Side-by-Side Aura Blast

unicorn spit_side by side aura_ blast_LOGO

Stain Press Technique

unicorn spit_stain press technique_LOGOOur class “final exam” project is a cute rack that can be used to hold jewelry, scarves or anything else you can think of.

unicorn spit_class project closeup_LOGO

How’s that for a fun afternoon?

Again, space is limited to 3 people in this class because it does get messy, but we promise you will have a lot of fun! Sign up today!



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  1. Courtney, thanks so much for sharing my project, your class members will love trying out this technique, Unicorn Spit is such an enjoyable medium to work and play with, the finished results always look great too. Wish I could join in on the fun, I love to throw spit around!!

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