I love making to-do lists!

There is something about writing down all of my projects that is so satisfying to me. I kick off every new year with a million to-do lists for just about every area of my life. And in January, I actually have the energy to get some of the stuff done.

Then I get sick.

Or my little boy gets sick.

Or both of us get sick at the same time.

I spent two full days in bed last week watching cartoons with Joey because neither one of us felt good. It feels like the past month or so we’ve been in this endless cycle of sore throats, runny noses and that bone-rattling cough that wakes you up in the middle of the night. That’s no fun!

Now that we are all better, it feels like the to-do lists have piled up so high that nothing will ever get done.

Do you ever feel that way?

I feel a little bit overwhelmed right now with yardwork that needs to be done … a dining room re-do project I’ve been dreaming about for months (but haven’t actually started yet) … and oh yeah, that pile of furniture in my garage that keeps growing!

No sore throat or runny nose is going to stop ME from stockpiling awesome paint projects!

Here are a few that I have in the pipeline …

drop leaf table_before1I’m keeping this baby for my house! I love drop-leaf tables and the legs on this one are amazing. I’m going to sand the top down to bare wood and stain it with Unicorn Spit, the new non-toxic rainbow gel stain we sell our shop All Things New Again in Leesburg, VA and right here in our online store.

drop leaf table_before_legsUnicorn Spit can be used to create all kinds of crazy one-of-a-kind designs on furniture, but I’m going traditional with this piece. I’m staining it hot pink. 🙂

Actually, it will be mostly dark blue with a few shots of hot pink because I can never stop myself from adding hot pink to everything in my living room. That’s the cool thing about Unicorn Spit. Instead of limiting stain choices to brown, brown and brown, you can choose a more dramatic color and still accentuate the beautiful wood grain on furniture.

matching side tables_beforeThese matching side tables are another Unicorn Spit project in the works. They have glass inserts on the tabletops. I’m going to do a technique called a “stain press” to make them look like stained glass windows. It’s an easy technique to do, but it delivers stunning results.

DSC_0007DSC_0008I started this little bench before I got sick. It is base-coated with Real Milk Paint’s Navy Blue, a color I am in love with right now. I’m all about navy blue in my living room/dining room area and wanted to try out this color in milk paint to see if it matched. It is perfect!

This bench is actually going to be (mostly) white when I am finished. I’m going to use Real Milk Paint’s awesome new Chippy Paste product to bring the blue (and a few other crazy colors) through the white with a wonderful chippy texture. I also have pretty floral fabric to re-do the seat.

[UPDATE: I finished the bench—and it turned out so pretty! Here is the link.]

mom rocking chair_beforeI’m not spoiling any surprises here when I tell you this rocking chair is going to be my mom’s Mother’s Day present. That’s because when I found it, I texted a picture to my mom and said, “You are going to love this rocking chair!”

“I do love it,” she replied. “Paint it white for me.”

That’s pretty clear direction. Don’t tell my mom, but I do have an idea for recovering the seat with an unexpected material. [UPDATE: My  mom loved her Mother’s Day gift. Here’s the link to see the finished rocking chair.]

There are more projects here—there are always more!—but those are just a few projects at the top of my to-do list.

I need to start painting!

~ Courtney

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