The holidays may be over, but we still have a lot to CELEBRATE around here!

I finally finished a project that has been hanging around my house forever. We have a brand-new DIY video (posted below) that teaches you two handy paint techniques. And we’re giving away FREE PAINT! 

[UPDATE: You’re too late! The free paint giveaway has ended.]

2016 is off to an awesome start!

Dixie Belle Paint GiveawayLet’s begin with the paint giveaway. Our friends at Dixie Belle Paint are giving away a generous $100 worth of paint to one lucky reader of the All Things New Again Blog. Keep reading. We’ll share all the details on how to enter the giveaway at the end of this post, but first let me tell you why I love Dixie Belle Paint so much.

DSC_0012Dixie Belle is a new line of chalk-type mineral paint we are carrying at our shop, All Things New Again, in Leesburg, Virginia. If you don’t live near Leesburg, no worries! Here’s our affiliate link to the full line of Dixie Belle products. They ship everywhere.

Dixie Belle has no VOC’s so I can safely paint right in my kitchen while my little boy chases our new dog around.

Dixie Belle has AMAZING coverage, which you will see in a minute. I can not believe how well it covered an old hot pink paint job in one coat—no sanding, no priming needed.

Dixie Belle comes in 30 beautiful colors and it is self-leveling so you can easily achieve a professional-looking finish that looks and feels wonderful.

[UPDATE: Dixie Belle now has 60 beautiful colors!]

No wonder Dixie Belle is called

easy-peasy paint!

This is a mid-century style desk I had in my furniture stash out in the garage. It was clunky and big, but I was certain I could make it beautiful.

green chest_beforeAbout a year ago, I decoupaged gold and pink cherry blossom napkins on the top drawer and painted the other drawers hot pink. You may be thinking: Who in the world would buy a hot pink desk? I started thinking that too … and I never got around to finishing it. I stuck the desk in the corner of my foyer (before my glam makeover) and there it sat. For almost a year.

One day my mom had a great idea to pry off the top, cut the desk in half and transform what remained into a more rustic style chest of drawers. So we did—right there in the middle of my foyer.

green chest_under construction

I had a couple of leftover boards out in my garage from repairing our fence last spring. (My garage is a great place to go treasure hunting!) We cut them to fit the top of the new chest of drawers.

rustic chest_before2This project was now the perfect size, but those hot pink drawers needed to go. It was time to put Dixie Belle to the test. I painted the entire piece—including those hot pink drawers—a soft green color called Kudzu. I didn’t sand them. I didn’t prime them. I just opened a can and started painting.

The first coat covered about 90% of those hot pink drawers. I couldn’t even get a good picture of it because my photos just look green, but up-close you could see tiny bits of hot pink peeking through here and there. The second coat covered them completely—and looked amazing.

A strong color like hot pink usually takes several coats of paint to fully cover—and that’s after priming them. I have painted many beautiful things with Dixie Belle paint, but even I was amazed at how nicely it covered those hot pink drawers. I saved so much time not having to prep the drawers and they look lovely.

For the top drawer, I did sand off the cherry blossom napkin. I decoupaged a pretty daisy napkin in its place.

green chest_closeup drawers

I used a combination of two paint techniques—color wash and dry brushing—to make the boards on top look old and weathered.

Here’s our latest DIY Video showing you exactly how I did it:

I finished by adding a rustic basket to one side of the chest of drawers attached with a crystal knob from my stash. (I sound like a total hoarder, don’t I? That’s one of my New Year’s Resolutions—to clean up all of my little stashes!)

Here’s my finished project!

rustic green chest2

rustic green chest_top closeup

rustic green chestMUCH better than my original hot pink idea, don’t you think?

~ Courtney

You may be thinking: Nice project, Courtney, but …

How do I get free paint?  

[You’re too late! The giveaway has ended, but head on over to Dixie Belle Paint’s Facebook page and “like” their page anyway. They post lots of great stuff on there!]

Dixie Belle Paint color chart

Here are the details on this giveaway: The prize for this giveaway is $100 worth of Dixie Belle Paint products (excluding paint brushes). Winner will be randomly chosen from the comments on the Dixie Belle Paint Facebook post described above. Only one comment per person allowed. Comments must be received between 9 am (eastern) on Tuesday, January 5, 2016 and 9 am (eastern) on Tuesday, January 12, 2016. One winner will be chosen at random and notified of their prize by a representative of Dixie Belle Paint. Good luck!

THANK YOU to Dixie Belle Paints for sponsoring this awesome giveaway!

Here’s the link again to Dixie Belle’s full line of products if you want to check them out.

* * *

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