When we created All Things New Again a few years ago, we thought very hard about what we wanted this new shop to be. We wanted it to be a place where people could find affordable one-of-a-kind painted furniture to make their homes pretty. We wanted it to be a place where people could learn new techniques and have fun at our classes and workshops.

Mostly, we wanted All Things New Again to be a hub of creativity and a gathering place for friends. We have made so many wonderful friends through the shop and we are happy to share their work with you today.

All of the ladies whose work is featured here are graduates of our Learn How to Paint Furniture class held every month here at All Things New Again. At $99, our class is the best deal around. This is a hands-on painting class. You learn—and practice—more than a dozen skills and techniques to go home and start painting furniture like a pro. Plus you create a cute rack in class using the new skills you just learned.

Here are a few examples of the take-home projects some students recently created in class. Aren’t they gorgeous?


Intro class racksBut wait … we have MORE GORGEOUS on the way!

* * *

Let’s start with Kirsten’s awesome Americana box.

Can you even believe this was her very first painting project?

Kirsten_American box1_logo

Kirsten_American box2

Kirsten_american box3_logoThis was just a plain wooden box that Kirsten transformed using several of the techniques she learned in our class, including stenciling and distressing. Kirsten tells us that if she saw a painted box like this in a store, she would totally buy it. We would too! But it isn’t for sale. Kirsten is going to create an autumn centerpiece inside of the box for her Thanksgiving table. Great job!

* * *

Lisa took our class more than a year ago and has been creating beautiful things for her home ever since.

She revived this little red table and an old magazine rack with paint and glaze. The glaze gives her pieces so much depth and dimension.

Lisa paints like a pro and we love her work!

Lisas red table_awesome2_logo

Lisa_magazine rack_after_logo

* * *

Amber took our class just a few months ago—and look at all of the beautiful projects she has finished already!


Amber_mirror 2_logo


Our favorite is this little buffet. Wow!

Amber_buffet crackle1_logo

Amber_buffet crackle closeup

That is spectacular crackle—and she learned how to do that in our class! Cathy is the Crackle Queen around here, but she might have to relinquish her crown to Amber. Gorgeous!

* * *

Lucy was a student in the first class we ever taught.

Her work is amazing!

This was an ordinary kitchen chair. She used her awesome painting skills to accentuate the detail work on the chair and now it is lovely.

Lucy_Heavens Light chair_logo

Lucy_Heavens Light chair_closeup2Here is Lucy’s latest project … and we love it! She used two colors of paint and glaze to create a soft feathery look for this vintage drum table. She blended the colors and distressed it perfectly to reveal hints of the blue. Absolutely beautiful work!


* * *

Kirsten, Lisa, Amber and Lucy—you are all talented artists and we are so excited to see all of your projects.

Thank you for sharing your work with us!

* * *

Do you have a project to share? We would love to see it. Please post it over on our Facebook page. If you would like to see more projects from our customers, we have a special Pinterest board dedicated to their work. Check it out!

And if you have always wanted to paint something, but didn’t think you could do it, we are here to say … YOU CAN! We are happy to teach you. We offer a Learn How to Paint Furniture Class every month. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Our classes are low-key and fun … and we promise you will go home with some amazing new skills.

Happy Painting!

~ Cathy, Dave and Courtney

All Things New Again is a family-owned furniture and paint boutique in Leesburg, Virginia (about an hour or so west of Washington, D.C.). We offer hand-painted furniture, home decor, and several lines of paint for your next DIY project. We also offer painting classes and workshops every month. Click here for our latest schedule. Please join us—and invite your friends! We always have a lot of fun.


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