We are very excited to welcome some special guests to the All Things New Again Blog today. Lucy is our awesome friend and a talented painter. The other day she posted photos on Facebook of a project her husband, Joe, and son, Patrick, created.

We loved it so much, we asked if we could share it here.

We are so happy they said yes!

Here’s the “before” shot. Can you guess what that is?

Lucy piano desk_beforeThose are the sides to an old piano they salvaged from a friend’s barn. The musical parts of the piano were long gone, but the wood was still beautiful and the shape was perfect to transform into a desk for Patrick, a musician.

Patrick designed the desk so when he opened his laptop, it would fit without bumping into the lower shelf. (Smart move!) He also measured his tallest books to figure out the height of the shelves.

Lucy piano desk_in progress1

Lucy piano desk_in progress 2Isn’t the grain on the shelves pretty? There’s a story behind them.

The shelves came from the Saudi Arabian Embassy where Joe worked years ago. They have been used as shelving in Lucy’s closet since then. Now they are the shelves for Patrick’s desk. So they have been up cycled and re-upcycled (if that is even a word!) They fit beautifully with the wood from the piano.

Lucy piano desk_in progress3Patrick reports the construction of the desk was pretty straightforward. They cut the boards down to length for the shelves, drilled guide holes for the screws, aligned the shelves and attached them to the piano sides with screws.

Here’s the finished desk. Isn’t it awesome?

Lucy piano desk2

Lucy piano desk1

And here it is with books and the open laptop. How cool is that?

PERFECT for a musician!

Lucy piano desk_final

Patrick and Joe—you do nice work! This desk is amazing.

Thank you for sharing your project with us.


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