We don’t have a finished project to show you this week, but we do have a lot of ideas in the works. We thought we would share with you some behind-the-scenes photos of how the creative process works here at All Things New Again along with some sneak previews of projects coming to the shop soon.

I’ll go first. This was the foyer of my house last week.

Courtneys foyer

Yes, when you walked into my home, you barely had room to take off your coat before you bumped into two huge pieces of furniture that don’t belong there (plus a giant orange ball and Joey’s truck that also don’t belong there). It is just too cold to work in the garage right now and these pieces are too big to paint on my usual spot—my kitchen island.

dresser previewThe first project is a lovely vintage French Provincial style nine–drawer dresser. I am giving it a light blue and white make-over.┬áI started this over a month ago and it is still sitting here.

Nine drawers are a lot—especially when they are all stacked up on your dining room table like this!

The other project is a more recent arrival, a handmade vintage cabinet.

The first thing I did was remove those ugly purple checkered panels! antique cabinet before shot

I replaced the fabric with chicken wire to accentuate the rustic look of this piece and painted the sides and top in red, black and brown.

I’m still working on the cabinet, but I am on track to have it finished so I can share this project with you next week.


Since I moved out the cabinet, I decided to move in this cute vanity that was out in my garage.

peacock vanity_before

That’s the problem with making a to-do list—I keep adding more projects to it before the others are done! I’ve been chronicling the progress on this piece over on our Facebook page. Please head over there and “like” us if you haven’t already.

That’s it for me. Do you want to see what my parents are up to this week?

Let’s start with this super-cool┬árainbow table?

rainbow table

My dad started painting this piece with American Paint Company’s Shoreline (turquoise), A-maize-ing (sunny yellow), Orange Grove, Coral Reef and Home Turf (lime green). The plan is to blend all five colors over the tabletop soft and pretty to match this pedestal and add two matching chairs. This table is a big change from the manly-man ammo box coffee table my dad recently completed! It is going to look lovely when he is done.

This project has taken a backseat to a custom order we received last week. A local interior designer is working on a military family’s home. She brought us a dresser that she thought would be perfect painted in American Paint Company’s Fireworks Red, Navajo White and Born on the 4 th (navy blue) with an American flag design across the front.

We think that is a great idea!

My dad calculated the measurements with military precision to recreate the flag in perfect scale to the real deal—right down to all 50 1 1/2″ stars. Who knew so much math would be involved in painting a flag onto a dresser? This piece is going to look great when it is done (and we will write a complete tutorial on how we did it).

So if you thought my foyer looked like a mess with my projects stacked up, here’s a look at my parents’ family room with my dad’s rainbow table, the patriotic dresser and a table and chair set my mom is painting in American Paint Company’s Beach Glass and Surfboard, two pretty shades of blue. The table and chairs should be ready to head to the shop this weekend so if you are in Leesburg Friday or Saturday, please stop by and check them out.

moms family room

There are two more HUGE projects in their living room. My mom recently picked up two fabulous vintage dresser sets with matching mirrors. She brought them home to work on, but can’t decide colors for them yet.

“We just spent months renovating our studio at the shop so we would have space to work and my living room wouldn’t look like this anymore!” my mom said.

What can we say? We all like our work so much, we bring it home!

(Although I will admit I am ready for spring and working outside again—and eating dinner at my dining room table. I think my husband is ready for all of that too!)

What about you? Have any projects taken over areas of your home this winter? What are you most looking forward to about spring? Tell us about it in the comments section.

And stay tuned. We will share with you our finished masterpieces if we ever when we finish painting them … hopefully soon!

~ Courtney

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  1. Makes me want to paint! Projects are all looking great, and I can hardly wait to see the finished treasures!

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