Unicorn Spit Class | Northern Virginia

 Unicorn Spit class

All Things New Again in Leesburg, VA offers the only Unicorn Spit Class in the Northern Virginia/ Washington DC area. Space is extremely limited and fills up quickly.

We are now accepting registrations for our Unicorn Spit Class on the following dates:

Sunday, December 9

PRICE: $99

(includes all supplies plus 2 projects you will complete in class)

No prior painting experience needed!

WARNING: Unicorn Spit Class is MESSY! (We apply the Unicorn Spit with our hands on several techniques.) Wear paint clothes and leave your good jewelry at home.


* * *

Unicorn Spit is a new non-toxic, water-based rainbow gel stain/glaze that can be used to create a variety of wonderfully colorful looks on furniture and more. All Things New Again’s Unicorn Spit class teaches several techniques to help you get started using this awesome new creative juice.

Due to space constraints in our studio, we have to limit our classes to 3 people so our classes fill up quickly. 

Students will receive a 10% discount on paint/Unicorn Spit purchases made the day of class.

We also offer PRIVATE Unicorn Spit Classes. If you can get 3 people together for a full class, we will schedule a Unicorn Spit Class just for you at a date/time convenient for your group. See this link for details on PRIVATE Unicorn Spit Classes.

* * *

Here are examples of the techniques YOU LEARN in our UNICORN SPIT class:

Technique #1: Side-By-Side Blending

Unicorn Spit | Side-by-Side Technique | All Things New Again

Unicorn Spit Class at All Things New Again, Leesburg VA

Technique #2: Stain Press

Unicorn Spit stain press technique | All Things New Again | Leesburg VA

Learn Unicorn Spit Techniques | Unicorn Spit Class | Northern Virginia | Washington DC

Technique #3: Aura Blast

Unicorn Spit Aura Blast Book Shelf | Unicorn Spit Class | All Things New Again


Unicorn Spit Aura Blast Technique | Learn how to use Unicorn Spit | All Things New Again

Take-Home Project #1: Jewelry Rack

You pick your favorite Unicorn Spit technique/colors to create a rack to take home and enjoy. You select three knobs from our current inventory and go home with a project you love.

Unicorn Spit Class | Jewelry Rack Class Project | All Things New Again | Leesburg VA

Take-Home Project #2: Fingerpainted Wine Bottle

We recently added this second project to our class because the technique is so much fun. Yes–it’s really finger-painting!Unicorn Spit Wine Bottles | Fingerpainting for Grown-Ups

* * *

Space in our Unicorn Spit Class is limited to 3 students to ensure individualized attention. See this link for information on private Unicorn Spit classes.


We offer several convenient ways for you to register and pay:

  • Click here to register online now. (Payment is made securely via PayPal.)
  • Stop by the shop (open Fridays/Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
  • Call Cathy or Dave at 703-779-2991

* We will work with you to reschedule if you contact us prior to the class date. However, all no-shows are non-refundable.

7 thoughts on “Unicorn Spit Class | Northern Virginia

  1. Linda Alioto says:

    I was told anything poly clear eventually turns yellow. Looking for a high gloss oil based product over spit. Also what high gloss product can be used over spit on canvas.

    • Courtney @ All Things New Again says:

      Hi Linda,

      Oil-based polyurethane products do tend to turn yellow over time when applied over lighter colors, especially white. I usually use high gloss Min-Wax Polyurethane over my Unicorn Spit projects. It has not been an issue for me over darker colors, which I typically use more in my work.

      If you have a large patch of white on a project, you could seal it with a water-based polyacrylic product just over the white area, let it dry, then come back and poly the entire piece with the oil-based product.

      You want to stay away from water-based sealers on Unicorn Spit because it tends to blend the colors together too much and you lose your cool design to a muddy mess. But if you keep it just over the white areas, it should be OK and seal in the white spots to protect them from yellowing when the polyurethane is applied over the entire design.

      There are also several epoxy products on the market that look great over Unicorn Spit. I know Famowood Epoxy is a favorite among other Unicorn Spit artists, but I have not tried it yet. My understanding is it does not yellow. I believe they use it over canvas too, but I don’t do canvas artwork so I don’t know that answer for sure.

      Good luck with your projects!
      ~ Courtney

  2. Indra Johansson-Matthews says:

    I would love to take your class but live in Northern California☹️ There is a picture on what you teach, I believe it is called Aura Blast. I have a small glass table that I would love to use that technique on. I am a beginner and have played with Spit on wood and one small glass piece. The table would be a going away gift for a wonderful roommate that I have had for the past year.
    Is there any possible way you could give me a private tutorial over the phone using face time or refer me to a book or something online that would show me how to place the paint to get that effect? I would be willing to pay you!😁
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Indra Matthews

    • Courtney @ All Things New Again says:

      Hi Indra!

      Check out this tutorial I did on how to do the Aura Blast technique: https://allthingsnewagain.net/2015/09/30/step-by-step-diy-tutorial-how-to-create-an-aura-blast-design-with-unicorn-spit-rainbow-gel-stain/
      This technique takes a little practice to get your blending just right, but the photos show you how I apply and move the product around. The big trick to the Aura Blast is this: Don’t over-blend the colors. If they start to get muddled together too much and you are losing the cool definition between colors, just stop. Let it dry. And then come back and apply more colors over it until you love how it looks. Since you are doing this on a glass table, you might want to apply a layer of Mod Podge over the glass first. It will dry clear, but help the Unicorn Spit stick better. It’s going to look REALLY COOL! If you have any questions when you get started, just let me know. I’ll be happy to help you. My email is Courtney [at] allthingsnewagain.net

      ~ Courtney

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