Private Unicorn Spit Class

Private Unicorn Spit Class

3 people ~ $99 per person

Approx. 4 hours

No prior painting experience needed!

unicorn-spit-table_tabletopAll Things New Again is the only store in the Northern Virginia/ metro Washington DC area offering lessons on how to use Unicorn Spit, a new non-toxic vibrantly colored gel stain and glaze.

We designed an Introduction to Unicorn Spit Class, a hands-on class where students practice three techniques to get started using this awesome new product.

Due to space constraints, our class is limited to 3 people—and it fills up quickly.

If you can get 3 people together, we are happy to schedule a private Unicorn Spit class for your group outside of our regularly scheduled Introduction to Unicorn Spit class. You will receive all of the instruction and complete the same projects as students in our regular class. However, you pick the date/time that works best for your group.

We need exactly 3 people to schedule a special Introduction to Unicorn Spit class. Click here for class details.

WARNING: This class is MESSY! (We apply the Unicorn Spit with our hands on several techniques.) Wear paint clothes and leave your good jewelry at home.

Advanced payment is required from all 3 participants at least 2 days prior to your private class.

Call Cathy or Dave at 703-779-2991 to schedule your Private Unicorn Spit class today.

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