We sure had a lot of fun last weekend!

We kicked off our new Saturday Paint Workshop series at All Things New Again with a fun fall project, our Light-Up Pumpkin Trio.

Here’s a shot of everyone hard at work.

pumpkin class working

I forget who, but somebody asked a great question during this workshop.

At what point do you consider yourself an artist?

Our answer is easy:

You become an artist when you decide to pick up a paintbrush and get started!

You can do it—yes, YOU!

We honestly believe this to be true here at All Things New Again. We believe every single human being has a creative spark inside of them. Everyone just uses it in different ways.

Every time I drive through the Mixing Bowl in Springfield, I marvel at the engineers who designed and constructed this crazy-curly-que system of overpasses. That’s creativity!

My husband G can take any mish-mash of leftovers hiding way in the back of our fridge and whip up a gourmet meal to rival any chef at a fancy pants restaurant. That’s creativity!

And if you want to see human creativity in its purest form, just listen to the excuses my 3-year-old son comes up with to avoid going to bed at night! (His latest involves a mysterious cow and horse duo that like to hang out and cause trouble in our basement.) That’s creativity!

So even if you can’t build a Lego tower …

… even if you set off the smoke detector every time you try to make dinner (or is that just me?) …

… even if you have never spied imaginary farm animals in your basement …

YOU are creative!

Even if you have never picked up a paintbrush before, you have a spark inside of you that says: YOU CAN DO IT!

Just give it a try … and there’s no better place to try than here at All Things New Again in Leesburg. Our workshops are low-key, no-pressure events. We teach you everything you need to know to complete each project and—best of all—we always have a lot of fun!

So do you want to see the finished projects from Saturday?

pumpkin painting workshop students

pumpkin trio Donna
Don’t you love that little tooth Donna painted on her pumpkin?

Aren’t they cute?

Now do you want to see something even cuter?

Check out this Light-Up Pumpkin created by 4-year-old Asa and his mom, Anna, at our first-ever Mommy and Me workshop.

pumpkin class_Asa and Anna

Talk about a creative spark! This guy has one—and he isn’t afraid to let it shine!

When it came time to draw the pumpkins’ faces, Asa was on it! He drew them boldly, without hesitation. I learned a lot from watching him.

Sometimes, I think too much about what I’m working on. I stress about it. I worry if I chose the right colors or if my project looks good enough. I wonder what other people might think.

That’s silly! The next time those doubts pop up that maybe I’m not doing this artist thing correctly, I’m going to think of this little boy and his wonderful confidence.

He grabbed that paint pen and declared: “I can do it!”

I can do it too … And so can you!

Asa pumpkin faces

~ Courtney

* * *

Frosty tableWe have a fun line-up of paint projects scheduled through the end of the year, including a cool snowman table, an elegant Christmas tree and a few more light-up characters.


light up frosty trio
Christmas tree workshopPlease stop by the shop to see samples of all of these finished projects in person.
Our workshops are already starting to fill up.
We hope you will join us too.
Advanced registration is required so set aside any doubts you may have about your artistic abilities and sign up today!

* * *


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