June Is A Busy Month for Us!

June is a busy and fun month for our family. We have our granddaughter Carleigh Q’s 3rd birthday on June 15 and then a Double Birthday Bonanza on the 26th when our other granddaughter Claire Bear turns 5 and Dave turns ... well, let’s just say he’s been around a lot longer than the girls! … Continue reading June Is A Busy Month for Us!

Handmade Vintage Cabinet Re-Doodle-Do

Sometimes (ok-- a lot of times!) I can't decide how to paint a piece of furniture so it just sits in my garage waiting for inspiration to strike. I didn't have to wait for this handmade vintage cabinet. The moment I saw it, I immediately knew two things. 1. That pink top and those purple/white … Continue reading Handmade Vintage Cabinet Re-Doodle-Do