Funky Flowers and a Rainbow of Saltwash Texture

This Funky Flower Dresser Makeover combines two of my favorite furniture makeover techniques. I love to decoupage furniture with pretty paper napkins. Then I added Saltwash paint additive to create colorful texture across the top of the piece. See the full makeover here.

Spring Bling: A Cherry Blossom Table Makeover With Decoupaged Napkins

Those last few weeks of winter weather can be tough when you are so over the cold and ready for Spring. I found a way to enjoy a little Spring indoors---by decoupaging pretty napkins onto furniture. Here's my Spring Bling Cherry Blossom Table Makeover using decoupaged napkins.

Tips for Decoupaging Paper Napkins Onto Furniture

Don't be afraid to decoupage furniture! It doesn't have to be perfect and my Tips for Decoupaging Paper Napkins onto Furniture will help you make your project beautiful (and help you fix it if you mess up like I did...)

Decoupage Family Photos onto Furniture

Decoupage family photos onto furniture to create unique home decor! It's easy to decoupage family photos onto furniture and transforms ordinary furniture into truly one-of-a-kind family keepsakes. Here's how I created an awesome birthday present for my awesome sister, Colleen, by decoupaging a photo of our children onto our grandmother's old table. This is my … Continue reading Decoupage Family Photos onto Furniture