Thank You For An Awesome 2015!

2015 was an amazing year for all of us at All Things New Again. Our shop in Leesburg, Virginia continues to grow. We added three new lines of eco-friendly, easy-to-use paints and stains to give do-it-yourself’ers even more creative options. We expanded our workshop series to include a Project of the Month that has been … Continue reading Thank You For An Awesome 2015!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Before the turkey goes in the oven, before the potatoes are mashed, before the craziness of the holiday season kicks into high gear, I just wanted to take a moment to say: Last Thanksgiving, we were still putting the finishing touches on our new shop, All Things New Again in Leesburg. We debated whether or … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

Giving Thanks With A Grateful Heart

The other day all four grandchildren (and their moms) came to visit. I was sitting at my kitchen table holding 10-month-old Shane while the other kids circled around and around banging drums, blowing horns and shaking the maracas Dave collected for "Pop's Band". The parade was a little disorganized and loud---VERY LOUD!--- but it was … Continue reading Giving Thanks With A Grateful Heart