Create A Home You Love to Live In

Create a home you love to live in! It isn't about following the latest trends. It's about designing a home that *feels good* for you and your family.

Dixie Belle Blues Blend Beautifully

The Dixie Belle Paint Co. palette features more than a dozen beautiful shades of blue. Can you guess the Dixie Belle blues we blended on this dresser?

How to Create a Raised Stencil in 5 Easy Steps

A raised stencil is an easy way to add flair to your next painted furniture project. I used Dixie Mud to create raised stencil designs all over my old jewelry armoire. Here's my tutorial.

Furniture Transfers Add Artistry to DIY Projects

Furniture transfers are an easy way to add artistry to your next DIY project. All Things New Again in Leesburg VA is now selling ReDesign with Prima furniture transfers... and they are beautiful!

Dixie Belle Patina Paint ROCKS!

Dixie Belle Patina Paint is my new obsession for creating authentic rust and vintage patina on painted furniture projects---and more. I am so obsessed with Dixie Belle Patina Paint that I was pumping gas the other day and noticed the most beautiful little bit of green patina around the gas tank thingee on the ground. … Continue reading Dixie Belle Patina Paint ROCKS!