All Things New Again ~ Leesburg, VA


I love rescuing beat-up, banged-up, tossed aside old furniture. I happily head out to flea markets, yard sales and auctions with an eye for finding the saddest little table or chairs that nobody else wants, bringing them home and making them beautiful again. But when it comes to painting brand-new furniture that I purchased in … Continue reading Mini-Makeovers

China Cabinet Redo Idea: No-Paint, No-Sew and Awesome!

I promised my mom I wouldn't paint my grandmother's vintage china cabinet so I needed to come up with another china cabinet redo idea to make it fit with my home decor. Luckily, my mom had a great idea I could easily re-create for my home (and you can too!). Grab your glue guns for … Continue reading China Cabinet Redo Idea: No-Paint, No-Sew and Awesome!

A Paint Makeover For An Old and Outdated Fake Fireplace

This fake plastic fireplace from the 1970's was as old and outdated as bell bottom jeans. I up-cycled it into a statement piece for my home with a DIY paint makeover.