Upcycle A Chest of Drawers Into A Bookcase

An ordinary chest of drawers is the perfect starting point for many awesome up cycling projects. One of our favorites ideas is to up cycle a chest of drawers into a bookcase or shelving unit. This is a great solution if your piece has missing or mangled drawers. There was actually nothing wrong with this … Continue reading Upcycle A Chest of Drawers Into A Bookcase

DIY: Wood Pallet Tabletop

At first glance, this mid-century sofa table seemed like a great find ... ... until I noticed the big hole and the awkward patch job. That would be a deal-breaker for most people--but not for me! The more beat-up, banged-up or awkwardly patched-up a piece of furniture is when I find it, the more determined … Continue reading DIY: Wood Pallet Tabletop