Three Tables. Three Painting Techniques. One Afternoon With Us–And YOU Can Do This Too!

We love painting little tables around here!

They are a great way to change up the look of a room without spending a ton of money or making a big renovation mess. Just pop in a little table—they fit just about anywhere—and your space is instantly updated and beautiful.

We have three new tables available for sale here at All Things New Again in Leesburg, Virginia. As I was photographing them the other day, I realized these tables are also a great advertisement for our upcoming Learn How to Paint Furniture class.

We used several of the techniques we teach in class right here on our own work. Spend an afternoon with us and you will learn all of these techniques—and more. Our goal is to give you the skills and the confidence to go home and paint furniture like a pro. You can do it! We’ll teach you how.

Here are our new tables.

My mom painted this one and it is my favorite of the bunch. Check out those spindle legs! She distressed them just enough to fit with the modern farmhouse look of the stained tabletop. Distressing is a simple technique that fits with so many decorating styles. We will teach you how to distress like the best, gently rubbing away paint in all the right places where a vintage piece would naturally show wear over time.

* * *

This table showcases another technique that can be used with just about any decorating style—layering colors and distressing them through each other. My mom chose elegant shades of gray to accentuate the beautiful detail work on the legs of this table. You can use this same technique to create a coastal look. Just choose a palette of beachy blues or sandy colors. Or go bold with vibrant colors for a popular boho look.

The possibilities are endless. The technique is the same—and it is one our students practice in our Learn How to Paint Furniture class.

* * *

Here’s our third and final table for today. I painted this one using a new product I’m a little bit obsessed with right now. Saltwash is a powder you add to the base coat of paint to create wonderful texture. We sell Saltwash at the shop (and in our online store) and we teach you how to mix and apply it in our class. It’s easy!

(Here’s a tutorial on how to mix Saltwash and another tutorial on how to create a rainbow look with it.)

I love the look of Saltwash, but I also love that it is an easy way to camouflage damage on a piece of furniture. This table had one of those leather tops that probably looked super-cool back in the day, but was worn-out and tattered. Not anymore! Saltwash updated the entire look of the table. It is a great tool to have in your painter’s bag of tricks.

There you go! Three new tables. Three awesome painting techniques.

One afternoon with us and you will be able to do all of this—and more!

(Plus you create a cute project in class to take home and enjoy.)

If you live in the Northern Virginia/ metro DC area, we would love for you to join us at one of our upcoming Learn How to Paint Furniture classes. You can sign up right here on our website.

Here’s the link again for more details.

Sign up today!

~ Courtney

* * *

All Things New Again is a family-owned furniture and paint boutique in Leesburg, Virginia, about an hour or so west of Washington DC. We offer our own eclectic brand of hand painted furniture and several lines of paint products for you next DIY project along with painting classes and workshops.

Make All Things New Again your first stop for furniture!


Funky Flowers and a Rainbow of Saltwash Texture

fff-feature-button-250x250_zps1dj53s4vI love to decoupage furniture with pretty paper napkins!

Decoupaging is a fun way to add colorful design details to my furniture makeovers.

This Funky Flower Dresser and Mirror was a lot of fun to create. Here’s how I did it.funky-flower-dresser

Wait. What texture?

This awesome texture I added to the top!


Saltwash is a new product we are carrying at All Things New Again and in our new online store right here. It is a powder made from real sea salt you add to the base coat of paint to create wonderful texture.

My tutorial on how to mix and apply Saltwash is posted here.

I did something a little bit different on this piece. I usually add Saltwash to one color for the base coat, then add a second color on top and sand it.

The flower power napkins on this dresser were rocking so many pretty colors, I couldn’t decide which one to use for the base coat.

So I used all of them.

saltwash_available-at-all-things-new-again_www-allthingsnewagain-netSaltwash is mixed into paint in a 1:1 ratio. I usually recommend starting with a 1/4 cup of paint because that is about the same size as the scoop that comes in the large tin of Saltwash. For this project I did not need that much of each color so I just used plastic spoons to measure instead. I added two spoonfuls of Saltwash to two spoonfuls of paint for all four colors (in separate containers) and stirred until it was the consistency of cake frosting. It worked out perfectly.

I started with the yellow, pouncing it onto the top of the dresser, in random patches.


Then I overlapped a little pink.


I created a patchwork quilt of paint across the entire top of the dresser using all four colors. Here’s what it looked like when I was finished.


After all of those crazy colors dried, I painted white over everything.


Then I sanded to reveal the rainbow of colors underneath.


img_5999I’m really happy with how it turned out!

Here’s the Funky Flower Dresser again.


saltwash-texture-closeup_all-things-new-again_www-allthingsnewagain-netSaltwash is famous for that timeworn beachy look, but it is a versatile product that can be used with many decorating styles from farmhouse to funky. You just need to experiment a little—and that is always part of the fun.

<3 Courtney

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* * *

Learn How to Paint Furniture! (It’s easy and fun.)

Painted furniture is a popular look right now and is an easy and inexpensive way to update your home. You can do it … we will teach you how! We host a monthly Learn How to Paint Furniture class at All Things New Again in Leesburg, Virginia. You practice several techniques (including how to create texture with Saltwash) and go home with mad skills to start painting everything in sight!  Click here for class details.

* * *

Please join us for a Saturday Morning Paint Workshop—only at All Things New Again! We offer a new project every month. No painting experience needed. We provide all of the materials, instruction and encouragement for you to go home with a finished project you love. Invite your friends! Click here for details.



Thank You for an AWESOME 2016

Remember our 2016 motto here at All Things New Again?

Go Big_All Things New Again

We are happy to report we didn’t just have a BIG YEAR …

We had an …




We have a lot of ideas and projects in the works for an awesome, amazing HUGE 2017 too. Before we get started, we thought it would be fun to re-cap some of our top stories from the past year.

* * *

We kicked off 2016 with 7 BIG beautiful new colors from [affiliate linkDixie Belle Paint, the no-VOC chalk/mineral paint we carry at our shop in Leesburg, Virginia. Here’s the link to our story.

Dixie Belle Paints are perfect to use indoors during cold winter months. They have no harmful fumes so you can paint safely inside your home and they require very little prep work. That means no sanding and no priming most of the time. Look for LOTS of new Dixie Belle Paint projects from us in the next few months. This is also the paint we use in our monthly Learn How To Paint Furniture Class because it is so easy-peasy for beginners to get beautiful results.

* * *

Speaking of painting classes, we launched our new Introduction to Real Milk Paint Class in 2016. Real Milk Paint is all-natural and non-toxic so it is another great option for painting indoors during wintertime. Courtney just finished painting two big pieces for her dining room—right there in the middle of her dining room. Here’s a sneak preview.


mom rocking chair1You can create some beautiful looks with milk paint that you just can’t achieve with other types of do-it-yourself paints on the market, but it can be tricky to control some times.

We will be working a lot more with Real Milk Paint in the coming year—and we will share our tutorials with you here on the All Things New Again Blog and on our YouTube Channel.

Here is a look back at Courtney’s favorite paint project of 2016—the Mother’s Day Surprise rocking chair she painted for Cathy’s Mother’s Day gift was a BIG HIT.

Here’s the link for the story behind this little rocking chair.

* * *

Unicorn Spit is always BIG NEWS around here! Our Unicorn Spit tutorials and Pinterest boards continue to be our most popular work. This Wine Bottle Art Tutorial was our most viewed post in 2016. Here’s the link.

How To Create Wine Bottle Art with Unicorn Spit

* * *

We made a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT in September by becoming official retailers of Saltwash, a new powder additive that gives paint projects wonderful texture. We have been having a lot of fun creating different looks with this product. Here’s the link to our story.


We will have a new Saltwash tutorial in January showing you how to camouflage damage and create a multi-colored look. This project turned out so pretty. We can’t wait to share it with you! [UPDATE: Here’s the link to the Saltwash tutorial.]

* * *

The BIGGEST THRILL we have around here is seeing the projects our awesome customers go home and create. You guys did some AMAZING WORK this year! Here’s a link to one of our favorite features: Our Customers Rock! 

Keep those great project photos coming in 2017! Don’t forget to post photos of your amazing work on our Facebook page.

We love to see it … and we love to share it.

* * *

Stop Believing These 3 Lies and Start Enjoying Your Creative Gifts

Finally, we received so much wonderful feedback when this story was published last January, we just had to run it again. Everybody needs some BIG ENCOURAGEMENT some times. We hope we can offer you some today. Here’s the link.

* * *

There you have it! The biggest stories from our GO BIG! year.

As we wrap up 2016, we just want to take a moment to say THANK YOU! to everybody who supports All Things New Again at our shop in Leesburg, VA and all around the world via social media.

Without all of you, we could not have had such an




Happy New Year from all of us at All Things New Again! 


Our Customers ROCK! at All Things New Again

Here at All Things New Again in Leesburg, Virginia, we love finding new paint products.

We love learning new techniques.

We love to paint and we really love teaching you.

But what we really, really, really love the most is seeing all of the awesome ideas you guys bring to life when you go home and get to work!

We started a fun new tradition over on our Facebook page yesterday called WOW! Wednesday.

All day long we shared photos of the AMAZING projects our customers painted.

(You guys have been busy!)


We compiled several projects our customers shared with us recently into this blog post to make it easier to enjoy everything in one spot. These are all techniques we teach in our painting classes and workshops—and they are all techniques that YOU can learn too. Yes—YOU!

If you are thinking to yourself …

I would love to do that, but I’m not artistic.

I’m not creative.

I don’t have that kind of talent.

THINK AGAIN, my friend!

You can do this too.

With an afternoon of instruction and a little practice, you can learn the skills to update your furniture and create works of art for your home just like our friends here did. Here’s the link again. Why not give it a try? You just might uncover a hidden talent you never knew you had!

* * *


This is GORGEOUS! Jessi bought a can of Saltwash here at All Things New Again the other day, went home and created these beautiful layers of color and texture on this table. (Then she staged it expertly with some really cool decor!) Check out this close-up shot. That weathered, layered look is so popular right now … and Jessi nailed it!


* * *

Heather and her friends took our Introduction to Unicorn Spit class in August—and we had so much fun! She went home and “spit” like a boss on this wooden stool. See how the wood grain shows through her perfectly blended colors? See the hand painted flowers on the legs? We are in love with this little stool.


* * *

Unicorn Spit is a vibrantly colored gel stain so when you apply it to wood like Heather did on her stool, you get that nice wood grain showing through. But Unicorn Spit can also be used on all kinds of materials, including glass. These are the wine bottles Melissa and Natalie “finger-painted” at our class last Sunday. (And, again, we had so much fun!)

Melissa is an artist who creates beautiful things out of up cycled wine bottles. She drilled a hole into the glass, filled the bottles with lights and added a fancy topper when she got home. Look how they shine!

melissa_unicorn-spit-bottles_all-things-new-again* * *

The next two projects were created by Amber who has Mad Decoupage Skills after taking our Paper Pizazz decoupage workshop when it was offered this summer. We sell a variety of pretty decoupage papers here in our online store. Amber used paper napkins for her projects. The peacock feathers on this table look like they were hand painted. They blend into the wood so perfectly.



Amber also jazzed up this little chest of drawers by decoupaging paper napkins onto the drawers. Pretty in pink!


* * *

Now, we normally don’t choose favorites. How can we? EVERYTHING that EVERYBODY creates is awesome!

Well … today we have a favorite!

Evan is Amber’s son and, you guys … he is 13-years old.

Look what Evan created for his room!



Amber took our very first Introduction to Unicorn Spit class last year. She went home and taught the techniques to Evan … and he ROCKED IT! Here are both sides of the shelf featuring the designs Evan created. This. Is. So. Cool.

* * *

Special thank you to Jessi, Heather, Melissa, Amber and Evan for sending us photos of your projects!

We really enjoyed seeing your amazing work!

If you have a project you are proud of, send us a picture! You can post it on our Facebook page or email to Courtney [at] We would love to feature your work in an upcoming WOW! Wednesday post or right here on our All Things New Again Blog. 

Thank you!

~ Cathy, Dave and Courtney

* * *

All Things New Again is a family-owned furniture and paint boutique in Leesburg, Virginia (about an hour or so west of Washington, D.C.) We offer hand-painted furniture, home decor and several lines of paint for your next DIY project. We also love teaching people how to paint! Please join us for an upcoming painting class or workshop. Here’s the link to our schedule. We always have a lot of fun.

How to Use Saltwash on Painted Furniture

My mom and I are having so much fun creating wonderful layers of color and texture on our painted furniture with Saltwash, the new product we are carrying at our shop All Things New Again in Leesburg, Virginia.

(Saltwash is also available right here on our online store.)

Here’s a close-up look at the Saltwash on my latest project.

Did you know this amazing look can be created in just 4 easy steps?

Step 1: Mix

Saltwash is a powder you add to your base coat of paint. It can be used with any type and any brand of paint. You mix the Saltwash to paint in a 1:1 ratio and stir until it has a thick consistency like cake frosting.

mix_saltwash_1to1ratio_All Things New Again_Leesburg

TIP: The little scoop that comes in a large tin of Saltwash is about 1/4 cup. Keep an inexpensive set of measuring cups with your paint supplies. I got mine at the $1 store. I use 1/4 cup paint to 1 scoop of Saltwash as a good place to start. You can adjust to your preference.

how to mix saltwash_All Things New Again_Leesburg

saltwash_consistency_cake_frosting_All Things New Again_Leesburg

Step 2: Pounce

Apply Saltwash to your project in a pouncing motion. This creates the awesome texture. You will see little peaks start to form as you pounce.

how to apply saltwash_All Things New Again_Leesburg

Saltwash recommends that you wait a few minutes until your paint has started to set up a bit, but is not completely dry. Then you come back with your brush and gently smooth down some of those peaks. I usually forget this step, but I always like my results anyway.

Step 3: Paint

This is easy. After your base coat dries, just paint over it with your second color. For this project, I used Dixie Belle Paints, the no-VOC mineral paint we also carry at All Things New Again. The base coat is Blueberry and the white is called Fluff. 


Step 4: Sand

Once the paint is dry, sand your project to reveal the layers of color underneath. This step also smooths out the texture and makes your project feel nice. I forgot to photograph this step, but I use a little mouse sander. You can do this by hand with a piece of fine-grit sandpaper, but it will take a lot more elbow grease.

Here is a link to the demo we did over on Facebook.

In the video, you can see the entire Saltwash process—start to finish—on the drawers for this project plus a few other projects we recently completed. You can also see photos of more of our Saltwash projects here.

And here’s the finished table with a matching Saltwash’ed mirror!


saltwash-table_texture_closeup2_All Things New Again_Leesburg

saltwash-mirror-closeup-texture_All Things New Again_Leesburg


Wait until you see my mom’s latest project. She Saltwash’ed her kitchen table at home in black and white.

It looks awesome!

<3 Courtney

* * *

All Things New Again is a family-owned furniture and paint boutique in Leesburg, Virginia (about an hour or so west of Washington, D.C.). We offer painted furniture, several lines of paint for your next do-it-yourself project, and fun painting classes and workshops.

Our monthly Learn How to Paint Furniture class is coming up THIS SUNDAY (October 9). You practice more than one dozen techniques (including mixing and applying Saltwash). Then choose your favorite looks to create a cute rack to take home and enjoy. Our students go home with the skills—and the confidence—to paint furniture like a pro! Advanced registration is required. Sign up today.

We only have 1 spot left in our Intro to Unicorn Spit class on Sunday, October 23! Learn all about this amazing new “creative juice” and practice 4 techniques to transform your next project into a one-of-a-kind work of art. Students create two projects to take home and enjoy in this class—and it is messy so please wear paint clothes. Sign up today.

skating-snowman-workshop_all-things-new-againOur Skating Snowman Workshop is filling up! We are offering this project every Saturday in October as part of our Saturday Morning Paint Workshops. 
Our October 15 workshop is full. Please join us on October 22 or October 29. Registration required by the Thursday prior to your workshop date. Sign up today.