Remember our 2016 motto here at All Things New Again?

Go Big_All Things New Again

We are happy to report we didn’t just have a BIG YEAR …

We had an …




We have a lot of ideas and projects in the works for an awesome, amazing HUGE 2017 too. Before we get started, we thought it would be fun to re-cap some of our top stories from the past year.

* * *

We kicked off 2016 with 7 BIG beautiful new colors from [affiliate linkDixie Belle Paint, the no-VOC chalk/mineral paint we carry at our shop in Leesburg, Virginia. Here’s the link to our story.

Dixie Belle Paints are perfect to use indoors during cold winter months. They have no harmful fumes so you can paint safely inside your home and they require very little prep work. That means no sanding and no priming most of the time. Look for LOTS of new Dixie Belle Paint projects from us in the next few months. This is also the paint we use in our monthly Learn How to Paint Furniture Class because it is so easy-peasy for beginners to get beautiful results.

* * *

Speaking of painting classes, we launched our new Introduction to Real Milk Paint Class in 2016. Real Milk Paint is all-natural and non-toxic so it is another great option for painting indoors during wintertime. Courtney just finished painting two big pieces for her dining room—right there in the middle of her dining room. Here’s a sneak preview.


mom rocking chair1You can create some beautiful looks with milk paint that you just can’t achieve with other types of do-it-yourself paints on the market, but it can be tricky to control some times.

We will be working a lot more with Real Milk Paint in the coming year—and we will share our tutorials with you here on the All Things New Again Blog and on our YouTube Channel.

Here is a look back at Courtney’s favorite paint project of 2016—the Mother’s Day Surprise rocking chair she painted for Cathy’s Mother’s Day gift was a BIG HIT.

Here’s the link for the story behind this little rocking chair.

* * *

Unicorn Spit is always BIG NEWS around here! Our Unicorn Spit tutorials and Pinterest boards continue to be our most popular work. This Wine Bottle Art Tutorial was our most viewed post in 2016. Here’s the link.

How To Create Wine Bottle Art with Unicorn Spit

* * *

We made a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT in September by becoming official retailers of Saltwash, a new powder additive that gives paint projects wonderful texture. We have been having a lot of fun creating different looks with this product. Here’s the link to our story.


We will have a new Saltwash tutorial in January showing you how to camouflage damage and create a multi-colored look. This project turned out so pretty. We can’t wait to share it with you! [UPDATE: Here’s the link to the Saltwash tutorial.]

* * *

The BIGGEST THRILL we have around here is seeing the projects our awesome customers go home and create. You guys did some AMAZING WORK this year! Here’s a link to one of our favorite features: Our Customers Rock! 

Keep those great project photos coming in 2017! Don’t forget to post photos of your amazing work on our Facebook page.

We love to see it … and we love to share it.

* * *

Stop Believing These 3 Lies and Start Enjoying Your Creative Gifts

Finally, we received so much wonderful feedback when this story was published last January, we just had to run it again. Everybody needs some BIG ENCOURAGEMENT some times. We hope we can offer you some today. Here’s the link.

* * *

There you have it! The biggest stories from our GO BIG! year.

As we wrap up 2016, we just want to take a moment to say THANK YOU! to everybody who supports All Things New Again at our shop in Leesburg, VA and all around the world via social media.

Without all of you, we could not have had such an




Happy New Year from all of us at All Things New Again! 


2 thoughts on “Thank You for an AWESOME 2016

  1. I was delighted to receive a gift card from your store in Leesburg from my daughter for Christmas. I am going to apply it to a REAL MILK PAINT class when next offered.

    I so enjoyed the Dixie Belle class I won in December. Of course, FREE is always GOOD. Everyone was so thorough with instructions and no one tried to make those of us learning feel less inept as we worked along.

    Thank you for a superb class and the products offered. Let me know when you are able to offer classes in 2017.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, LaDonna! We are looking forward to seeing you in our milk paint class. I’m on the road today heading down to visit my inlaws, but plan to post our new class schedule on the website when I return next week. Happy New Year! –Courtney

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