I keep seeing a sign floating around Facebook urging people NOT to shop on Thanksgiving because it prevents people who work in retail from spending time with their family and friends on this special day. I appreciate the sentiment, but I’ve been opening our shop on Thanksgiving night for the past eight years. I can’t really call it “working” because our Midnight Madness celebration is a huge party full of friends and a lot of fun!

Midnight Madness has become a tradition in our family. (Plus it gets me out of doing all of those dishes!) I know it is also a tradition for many of you. I really enjoy this evening as a time to catch up with old friends, including people I only see once a year when they are in town for Thanksgiving and stop by Midnight Madness.

As a small-business owner, this special event is truly special for us because it also brings new customers into the shop each year. So I always end up making new friends too–and that makes Midnight Madness even more fun!

That’s why we are planning to continue our Midnight Madness celebration again this year with our new shop, All Things New Again.

Here’s a new sign I would love to see floating around Facebook:

Midnight Madness at All Things New Again!

Mark your calendars!

As always, will offer giveaways, refreshments, and 10% off all purchases during our Midnight Madness celebration on Thanksgiving night. That’s 10% off EVERYTHING in the shop, including our handpainted furniture, all American Paint Company products, and the “crafty things” people keep asking if we still carry in the new shop. We still do! In fact,┬áDave and I just got back from a shopping trip–and we have another one scheduled next week–so we will be loaded with new holiday decorations and gift ideas.

All Things New Again Midnight Madness celebration!

Since we do have a new store, we thought we would also do something new this year. We will be demonstrating American Paint Company all-natural clay, chalk and mineral paints throughout the evening. We are excited to be Loudoun County’s exclusive retailer of this eco-friendly, American-made product. We can’t wait to show you how easy it is to transform a worn-out piece of furniture into something beautiful again. We hope you will be inspired to give it a try!

This has been a whirlwind year of big changes for me both personally and professionally. I have so many things to be thankful for! I am thankful for this new opportunity with the new shop, and I am especially grateful for the support and encouragement from all of our friends.

I’m really looking forward to spending another special Thanksgiving evening with you!

See you at Midnight Madness!

~ Cathy

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