Thriftstore ThrowdownWelcome to The Thrift Store Throwdown!

All Things New Again is participating in an awesome up cycling challenge where 15 bloggers from across the country spend $15 at their local thrift stores. We exchange our treasures and have a few weeks to transform them into stylish home decor.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

IMG_4178Joey and I went treasure hunting at the Goodwill store in Fairfax a few weeks ago to find a few diamonds-in-the-rough to send to Paula from Sweet Pea in Lynchburg, Virginia.

We found this almost-Joey-sized M & M lady, who looked really cool.

Unfortunately, she was over our $15 price limit (by about $135–yikes!).

Sorry, Paula! Ms. M & M wouldn’t fit into the box anyway.

Instead, we found a bunch of other treasures for Paula to work her DIY Magic on.

Head on over to Sweet Pea to see what we sent! 

* * *

Now let’s talk about the thrift store goodies sent to ME!

Any time we come home from Costco with chocolate ice cream on Joey’s face and a big box of awesomeness waiting for us on the doorstep is a great day for us!

Stephanie from One Mile Home Style in Kansas went shopping for my challenge items—and she picked out a few doozies!





Thriftstore Throwdown_All Things New Again

  • A square metal container
  • A green chalkboard
  • A wooden trivet
  • 5 metal circles
  • And a circular hinged box thing with roosters on the cover

I really have no idea what that rooster thing is! (Do you?) But it intrigues me—and I have a cool idea for it.

Stephanie has thrown down quite the challenge! She is an up cycling expert with great ideas for creating an organized and beautiful home. Her One Mile Home Style blog is loaded with gorgeous decorating ideas and easy-to-DIY craft projects and gifts. She just kicked off a bathroom renovation project and will posting lots of behind-the-scenes photos over on her Instagram which will be fun to follow along.

Visit One Mile Home Style to see Stephanie’s amazing work!

Thank you, Stephanie, for the goodies you sent me! 

If anybody has any ideas for what-in-the-world I can do with these items, please let me know in the comments. My brain is swirling, but I don’t have anything figured out yet. I would love to hear from you!

And check out all 15 blogs participating in The Thriftstore Throwdown. These ladies are awesome treasure hunters who found some interesting items to transform. Here are links to everybody.

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You can also search social media with the hashtag #ThriftstoreThrowdown for more up cycling fun.

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This is going to be a lot of fun.

~ Courtney

All Things New Again is a family-owned furniture and paint boutique in Leesburg, Virginia (about an hour or so west of Washington, D.C.). We find beat-up old furniture and make it beautiful again—and we can teach YOU how to do it too! Check out our latest schedule of furniture painting classes.

12 thoughts on “Thrift Store Throwdown!

  1. I think you have a challenging project. That round box thing may be a hamburger press. I could be wrong. It’s a pre plastic era item I think.

    Perhap you could start with the green blackboard mounted on something else then think way out of the box. Are the rules stated that you have to use every item ? I think I’d leave out the press if possible. Good luck!

    1. Hi Ellen! Thankfully, I don’t have to use everything on the same project so that makes this challenge a bit easier, but she sent me some good things to work with. I’m excited about it. A hamburger press? That makes sense to me. Thanks for your help! ~Courtney

  2. Courtney, I am pretty sure the “rooster” thing is a tortilla press? odd that it is made of wood though…..probably just one made for tourists to buy in mexico though…that’s why the wood and fancy painted roosters. Souvenir Tortilla press. Looks like you hit the jackpot… much to choose….can’t wait to see what you make!!

    1. A souvenir tortilla press? Hmmm… That’s not what I would have brought home from vacation in Mexico, but hey, I hope they had a fun trip! 🙂 I did hit the jackpot. She sent me good stuff. Isn’t this fun?! ~Courtney

  3. Thanks for not sending that giant M&M guy to me!! 🙂

    You got some great items. The rings remind me of wreath forms. Could you wire greenery to them and turn them into Christmas mini wreaths for your windows? I know that’s not practical for decorating for now but it would be fun for December.

    1. I was so excited when I saw the big M&M because we have a spare bedroom we use as a workout room… and it is decorated with M&M dispensers. Then I saw the price tag and about died! I like the Christmas wreath idea. Thanks! I was thinking along the same lines of turning them into Christmas ornaments. Sorry about the chickens! They just looked so lonely, I had to get them… 🙂 ~Courtney

    1. Hi Randi! I don’t think they are bundt pans. They don’t have the ridges. Maybe donut molds? Is that such a thing? They are perfectly donut-sized … and they are going to be so fun to create something with. 🙂 ~Courtney

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